The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 45

to articulate the questions, discover the answers, and along the way, found my passion. There are specific rules we can follow to determine what your purpose is and scientific, natural laws that we can implement to obtain that purpose. Here are three necessary components you need to understand. First of all, you need clarity. You must become clear about who you truly are? what you truly want and how to get there. You can do a deep dive into all areas of your life ? money, time, relationships, health, careers, self and spirituality. To do this, use the Law of Polarity. Write a list of everything you don?t want to do, and the law of polarity reflects the exact opposite of that list, which is? drum-roll, everything you do want to do. Repeat this for each category and a pattern begins to emerge. CLARITY COMES FIRST? ALWAYS FIRST! Once you become clear about your goals ? it?s imperative to understand the information you need to attain them! The reason so many people think the Law of Attraction doesn?t work for them, is because there is a tremendous lack of knowledge regarding how the universe operates. There are scientific, provable laws that when understood and implemented, allow you to fulfill the passion that you have now defined. The primary Law of the universe is the Law of Vibration which states? at a sub-atomic level, everything is vibrating pockets of energy. And everything vibrates at a pre-ordained frequency? a rock vibrates at one frequency while a feather at another. Everything that is except human beings. Because we are consciousness ? in a vibrating pocket of energy ? we can choose to think a conscious thought and each conscious thought has a vibration (a frequency) at which it vibrates. We call these vibrations, emotions, which is simply energy in motion. We recognize these frequencies in our body and give each a name. When we have an angry thought, that thought evokes an emotion, a vibration. Our bodies are, quite literally, vibrating on that frequency. Same with positive thoughts. We can change the frequency of our bodies when we change our thoughts ? we can choose a better feeling thought such as happiness? gratitude? joy, and our bodies will begin vibrating on that frequency. And why is that important? Because the secondary Law of the universe, the Law of Attraction, dictates that a frequency attracts more of that same frequency! Anger attracts more anger? fear attracts more fear. On the other hand, joy and happiness attract more of the same. We can choose what to attract by choosing what to think and thus what to feel and how to vibrate. The Law of Attraction doesn?t give to us what we want ? it gives us more of what we ARE! Let me say that again. The Law of At t ract ion doesn?t give us what we want , it gives us more of what we are. You must learn how to change your mind ? your thoughts and thus your frequency, in order to successfully change your physical bodies and lives. I swear it isn?t hard, but unless you know the rules of how to play the game, you won?t know how to succeed. I?ve learned from the best mentors (Mike Dooley and Bob Proctor) and I was finally able to crystalize all that I have gained and learned to allow huge transforma- tions in my life. My purpose in life is to Page 45