The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 43

Hel l o Jul ie f rom Aust ral ia! knowing our life?s purpose. Before we know it, our Over t he past f ew days I have been magical l y guided t o brains are in an endless negative loop and we're miserable. your work and t hink you're amazing. I have f el t an incredibl y st rong urge t o send you a message t o ask a quest ion wit h t he hope t hat you can hel p me. I'm 39, singl e, f eel so incredibl y l ost in my l if e and don?t have a sense of purpose. I am not depressed or have any ment al heal t h issues and f eel very in t ouch wit h my spirit ual side yet I haven?t been abl e t o f igure out my pat h. Of t en, I f eel l ike I'm on t he verge of some sort of breakt hrough or somet hing real l y big is going t o happen but I just never get t here. On t op of al l t his, I'm wondering where my part ner is. Every t ime I go on dat es I meet peopl e wit h qual it ies I l ike and t hen t ake al l t hose qual it ies and t ry t o put t hem t oget her t o f ind t he right person. He st il l el udes me. Sorry my quest ion is so l ong-winded. I had t his real l y big urge t o reach out t o you and I real l y hope you can connect wit h me. Thank you so much f or t aking t he t ime t o read t his. Kindest regards, Kat e Hi Kate, Thanks for your kind words and question. It sounds to me like you?re on exactly the right path in learning your life?s purpose and finding your life partner. Most of us believe we?ll wake up one day and know what to do with our lives and hope Prince Charming will show up at about the same time. Good luck with that! What usually happens is, we figure out our life?s purpose as we experience life events that help us realize what inspires us and creates joy in our lives. Keep in mind, for over 600 million years as we?ve evolved, our brains have been hardwired for negative thinking in order to keep us safe. In fact, ?negativity bias? is a well-studied concept in psychology circles. Professor John Cacioppo, PhD, while at The Ohio State University, did a study where he showed subjects pictures of pleasant (pizza), neutral (hair dryer) and negative (dead cat) things and then recorded the electrical activity in their brains as they looked at each photo. So, let?s pivot to what you can do to assist yourself in finding your mate and figuring out what brings you a sense of fulfillment. First, do your best to form a habit of looking for how everything is happening FOR you. When you?re feeling a negative emotion, immediately go to a place of curiosity. How will this enhance my life? What will I learn? How will this play out? Once you?re in a curious state, you?ll be inspired to think another thought. It?s the pattern of those inspirational thoughts that will lead you to find what interests you. And what interests you always leads to your life?s purpose. This technique will also lead you to your life partner. Do I like his personality? How is spending time with him benefiting me? Does it make me happy? What characteristics would I prefer? Do your best to stay neutral and refrain from judging people and events. Imagine you?re on the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz movie. As you head towards the Emerald City, different bricks will light up showing you the way. You may be inspired to step on a brick that will land you in a field of poppies or get chased by flying monkeys. The situation isn?t good or bad, it?s just an experience on your path to Oz (enlightenment). Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride and remember, like Dorothy, you (like all of us) are wearing ruby slippers which give you all the magical powers you?ll ever need. Expect to be delighted along the way and you'll create the life you desire. Ju lie Ryan , Psych ic an d M edical In t u it ive, can be h ear d on Law of At t r act ion Radio Net w or k w it h h er popu lar sh ow , Th e Ask Ju lie Ryan Sh ow. Ju lie w elcom es caller s ever y Th u r sday at 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 5 PM PT by callin g: (712) 770-4160 - Access Code: 533677# . Please su bm it qu est ion s t h at m ay be an sw er ed on -air t o: w w w.ask ju lier yan .com . To h ear all pr eviou s episodes, please visit h er sh ow page at h t t p:/ / loar adion et w or k .com / ju lie-r yan . Dr. Cacioppo concluded the brain reacts more strongly to stimuli it deems negative. In other words, there is a greater surge in brain electrical activity when confronted with something unpleasant. This means our attitudes are more heavily influenced by negative things including being hard on ourselves for not Page 43