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experience, I energetically connected to you in Louisville, and through you to your car. While doing a replay of the scene you described, I could see the spirits and the ?demonic-looking creatures? you mentioned. Those ?creatures? were actually the spirits of the family?s grandparents. These spirits were with you because they knew you could perceive them. They were helping you learn to trust your intuitive skills so you can use them to benefit yourself and others. Most of the world?s religions and sacred texts refer to spirits. They come in the form of angels, deceased prophets like Moses, and other holy people. And, some of history?s greatest theologians acknowledge supernatural visions by humans. For example, St. Thomas Aquinas said, ?Souls are able to appear wondrously to the living when they will.? Carpool ing Wit h Ghost s Sara f rom Louisvil l e, KY, asked: Hel l o Jul ie, Having said all that, here are a few things to remember: 1) All spirits are pure love and light. The Bible says we?re made in the image and likeness of God (I believe in spirit form), and it?s said we all contain a spark of the Divine. How can that be anything but good? I woul d l ike t o f irst l et you know I?m 100% serious, 100% sane, and 100% bel ieve spirit s can mat erial ize. 2) Evil spirits and demons don?t exist. They?re I have been known t o pick up ghost buddies f rom t ime fabrications of civilizations and religions intended to control the masses and have been perpetuated t o t ime. I can f eel t heir energy and somet imes just through the ages. Fear is a powerful motivator. know I?m not al one. Prayer usual l y t akes care of t his. 3) The ?demonic-looking creatures? you described are just spirits looking distorted in our dense physical world. Spirits are a non-physical, high vibrational energy that can get slowed in our physical universe. I t ook a video wit h my cel l phone and cl ear images This phenomenon can affect how our human senses were capt ured as were audio sounds. I prayed al l t he perceive them. It?s much like a satellite TV image way home and f ound my f amil y out side wait ing f or getting distorted during a storm. The transmission of me. the satellite signal can be affected by dense cloud Once I arrived, my aunt asked if I had peopl e in t he car cover or other types of weather. wit h me. At t hat point we t ook anot her video, and a 4) If you see or sense a spirit and it makes you woman, 2 chil dren, and 2 demonic-l ooking creat ures uncomfortable, just tell them to leave and they will. showed up inside my car. The ghost s didn?t seem t o not ice me. I keep praying but I am st il l l ooking at t hem Most people are oblivious to the spirits constantly around them. You just happen to be very intuitive and in t he car f rom my window inside t he house. are able to perceive the spirits surrounding you. I checked t he news and didn?t f ind any recent f at al Perhaps if you learn to communicate with spirits, accident s report ed. you?ll receive useful guidance for yourself and those Do you have any idea why t his haunt ing is happening you love. Wel l , yest erday I purchased a nice, l it t l e, used car, a Honda. As I was driving home al one t o show of f my new ride, I f el t panicked because I f el t a presence. inside my car? Thanks. Sara Hi Sara, My Angelic Attendants Training will teach you how to communicate with any spirit, alive or deceased, and how to validate the information you receive. It will help you live a life of joy in unimaginable ways. Please consider enrolling in the next session. Thanks for submitting such a great question. I 100% believe you and hope to clarify a few things for you. Hope this information is both helpful and comforting. In order to get some information about your Kat e f rom Mel bourne, Aust ral ia, asked: Fol l ow The Yel l ow Brick Road Page 42