The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 41

Mental vs. Physical Energy For those of you whose choices are made in your mind, often totally ignoring your body; I have one question for you: ?How is that working out for you so far?? Applying the Law of Attraction by restricting your input to mental images, mental wording, mental decisions do not supply enough positive vibration to attract what you want. Unless you?re familiar with your personal body knowledge, you lack the resources to add your physical energy to your mental supply that makes the Law of Attraction useful in your daily life. Body Knowledge suggested practice: When you express yourself with ?I think? that indicates mental energy is motivating your speech versus when you say ?I feel? you speak from your body, your emotional center. - - - Take a moment to consider your clarity through contrast intention request: is your intention phrased in a mental or a physical expression? If it?s physical, you are part way there. In order to raise your vibration enough to be effective I encourage you to apply the maximum amount of positive energy with your words attracting your intentions. I encourage you to start learning how to practice your personal body knowledge. Intuition Activates the Law of Attraction Relying on gut feelings is not a new way of guiding our choices, actions, decisions. Whether the outcome was positive, negative, or better than our expectations, we rarely recall what motivated the initial action. That gut feeling, by definition located in our body, can be considered intuition. To increase the positive outcomes from those actions inspired by your ?gut feelings? be sure to include your body knowledge in the process. Your positive outcomes multiply when you add body knowledge to your intuition as you focus on the intentions you want when practicing the Law of Attraction. After that, sit back and wait for the fulfillment or something better! Let us take a 3 minute break and answer these body confidence questions(only 5) that will give you insights to how to create better intentions to raise your vibrations to live a better life p:/ / body-confidence-check-in/ Coach Stephanie Wood, Certified PCC and LOA Practitioner . Coaching you to take your talents out into the world with better body confidence and entrepreneurial skills. 1-866-76-coach http:/ / Listen to Coach Stephanie and Shelagh Jones on their delightful show: Body-Confidence LOA Style at http:/ / body-confidence To Listen, go to http:/ / body-confidence Page 41