The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 40

It is Time t o Examine Your Body Conf idence Wit hin t he Law of At t r act ion! By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC In my opinion, for successful integration into the Law of Attraction, you must activate your body knowledge. This is how you understand this Body Confidence Practice: What is your # 1 Intention? - - - - Professional or Personal Success? Appearance, Image, Impression? Status, Possessions, Assets? Money? Many articles address the best method to determine what your intention should be through the Law of Attraction process of Clarity through Contrast. By ident if ying what you don?t want, what you do want becomes cryst al cl ear t hrough el iminat ion. You see so many options in all areas of your life; your eyes widen at the prospect of choosing. As the choices available to us increase, it becomes more and more challenging to sort them to narrow the field. You may become paralyzed into procrastination. Try t his easy pract ice! There is an easier, faster, and more effective way: simply access your body knowledge system. You ask yourself, what is my body knowledge? Your body knowledge is listening to your body/ her intuition versus your MIND overthinking stuff. Begin by dismissing the negative ?Don?t want? in favor of the positive ?Do want.? Your personal body knowledge system is always the most direct way to choose the best option for you. And your personal body knowledge system leads you directly, with certainty, to what you do want instantly! Some refer to body knowledge as ?intuition.? That oversimplifies the concept of body knowledge when it?s a part of the comprehensive system of including your BFF in your decision process. Your BFF (aka Best Friend Forever), is your body timeless, appreciative, trustworthy partner throughout your life. Page 40