The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 4

O n w ar d s an d U p w ar d s B y t h e Ed i t o r - I n - C h i ef , Jew el s Jo h n so n After a wonderful 5 day cruise, it's hard to get back to work as usual. But when looking at all the wonderful photos and seeing all the new friends we met, the pictures bring me back to a very happy time. I hope you can come with us on the next cruise because the workshops are absolutely great. From Dr. Michael Mosley who talked about a achieving a successful life and Constance Arnold bringing reality to us about our relationship to life to Paula Kidd Casey delivering Law of Attraction messages through a visual presentations of old movies, we learned so much and it brought clarity to all of us! David Strickel and Gary Temple Bodley did a "First" of combining "Hot Seat Channeling" together. We can't forget our favorite Chiropractor Dr. Buzz Edelburg who delivered an exceptional talk on "The Law of Attraction!" It was all so enlightening. We also had a incredible deliegation from Japan doing a presentatation on a fascinating subject, "Miross" where we learned that the past trauma should not be ignored, but embraced to stop the power behind it. And as a special treat, we had Dr. Kazuko who actually worked with Mother Teresa and personally knows the Daliai Lama. She led the morning meditations with our own Anthony Brice. It was such a wonderful cruise and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone. I don't think we ever had such a great cruise! Now with the cruise over, time to focus on the magazine. My sincerest apologies for changing to timeline to May 15 due to my travels. But I can promise you that it was worth the wait! This is the first time that I actually have a Law of Attraction Radio Network Show Host on the cover. After a ten year successful run on the Network, Constance Arnold deserves it. She has been teaching the Law of Attraction to so many people, not only on her show, but also with her private practice. I felt she should be honored for awakening many to their true creative powers. I am looking forward to putting together another event, this time on the West Coast so that those that couldn't join us can particpate without traveling so far. I will keep you posted, but I'm sure it will be in 2020. Please enjoy this issue. There are some really tremendous articles that I know you will enjoy. I especially enjoyed Dr.Joe Vitale's brilliant lesson on Ho?oponopono. It's exactly what I needed to here! As I learned, saying a Ho'oponopono praryer is simply a prayer for you, not necessarily for someone one else. Even with Miross, we discovered that when we heal ourself, it is reflected out to the world. Everything is about us individually, not anyone else. It's confirms that there is no such thing as victimhood and that our 3D world is really an illusion. This is something that we constantly need to be reminded of. I am already looking forward to another great magazine issue for July, 2019. Jewels Page 4