The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 38

What a wonderful feeling of empowerment! There?s no way you can feel like a victim once you know that, you can invite abundance into your life! The real challenge is to apply these techniques to your life on a long-term basis. An abundant mindset will allow you to focus on the positive. You will set the Law of Attraction into motion automatically when you focus on the positive. You must take responsibility for your own well-being! Realize the process of how the brain and the body function, how the Law of Attraction works, and how consistent positive energy along with gratitude can propel your ability to accomplish anything! Create a plan. Write your goals on paper. Read those goals every day so you can start sending out positive energy to allow the universe to work for you! Dr. Joe Dispenza explains it like this: ?The emotional signature of gratitude means the event has already happened.? If you can be grateful ahead a time for future blessings, you are telling the brain that the event has already happened. You can trick the brain because it believes what it is repeatedly told. Since the brain does not know the difference between past, present, or future. It will believe that your gratitude is sincere when your thoughts and your emotions match. It will send out positive energy through the emotional signature of gratitude to the universe to invite abundance into your life. By expressing gratitude, you will draw what you desire back to you! Maintaining a consistent attitude of gratitude will attract more positivity into your life. Use gratitude to stay on the same vibration as abundance. Gratitude is the force behind using the Law of Attraction to the fullest benefit of your well-being. You have the ability to create a life that is bathed in joy, gratitude, and freedom. Design a life that is truly abundant. Abundance is within your reach! Grab it and never look back! You cannot continue to allow your subconscious mind to run those old programs, false beliefs, and bad habits that are holding you back. If you want to take control of your life today, then you must stop this cycle of negative energy! Proof that the Law of Attraction works is right in front of your eyes. I t rust t hat you wil l harness t he power of t he Law of At t ract ion t o maximize f or a f ul l l if e! Manif est ing Your Dreams It ?s l ike ordering on Amazon? The higher power is the fulfillment center. It is ready and waiting for you to get your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs in sync so you can surrender completely to manifest your dreams! 1. Decide that you want something...Believe you deserve it and are worthy. 2. Design it! What do you want? Mentally rehearse be grateful for future blessings! 3. Feel it! Choose a delivery method. Gratitude and love equal Prime Delivery. Fear and worry equal Standard Shipping. 4. The Law of Attraction (like attracts like) equals the payment method. An Abundant Mindset means your order is fulfilled. A Scarcity Mindset equals lack or (insufficient funds) which means no order. 5. Surrender (let go, believe it is possible) is like hitting the order button. Deborah Lucero, Best-Selling Author of BE F*# % ING AMAZING!, Mindset Facilitator, and Founder of Live Your Full Life, a health and wellness website which offers personal growth and self-development courses. Her self-paced online courses teach others how to use the power of the mind, positive thoughts, and an abundant mindset to improve health, finances, relationships and find happiness. Page 38