The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 35

I had manifested the life that I thought I wanted? one of plenty of money and things? because I thought that was the key to happiness. Unfortunately, I paid little attention to relationships, or my health, or even how I was manifesting the money. I found myself one hundred pounds overweight, in a high-paying corporate job that I hated, in a bad relationship that I stayed in out of fear of being alone. I even feared giving away half the stuff we?d amassed together! I had chronic back pain and I was addicted to pain killers. I had all my stuff, but life was not good. I knew that I had to do something so the rest of my life would not be the way my adult life had been. I discovered the Abraham Hicks around this time and their message really resonated with me. Some years prior, I had been told by a psychic that I was a channel, and she suggested that I explore Abraham?s teachings. I ignored that until the Universe slapped me over the head with it. When I finally did listen, it resonated so highly with what I?d been getting (and partially ignoring) for my entire life, that I allowed it to bring major positive changes. After a few years of following Abraham and allowing the combined message of them and what I now call the Stream to reshape my belief system, I realized I had systematically improved every single aspect of my life. The bad marriage ended peacefully, I released all the stuff that I thought I needed to be happy, I got into shape, lost the weight, and got off OxyContin. I began allowing the Stream to flow generously, without fear or any filtration, and I ultimately began sharing their message full time as my living. I now live my life very differently than I did before and I?m showing others how to do the same. The biggest difference for me is that I now know how to be joyous regardless of conditions. The Stream teaches us that when we?re able to meet our obstacles in joy, we are at last free. When we stop needing the change to be happy and learn to be happy no matter what obstacles we manifest? and we manifest them all? we are able to live in true abundance? an abundance of joy. At this point, you may be saying, ?That?s great David, but joy doesn?t pay the bills!? You?re right, you can?t pay your rent or mortgage with joy. But, in your state of joy, you are in a far better position to manifest what you need. The Universe always provides if you allow it to. We named the Stream?s spiritual practice Tya for Trust Your Abundance. You see, manifesting intentionally really comes down to trust. Trusting the universe to have your back? always. This can be difficult to achieve in our 3D ?reality.? Society has programmed us tolive in fear, so we behave a certain way, but how does that serve us? When you truly question everything, you?ll likely come to understand (if you have not already) that we?re all running on social programming and we have the power to reprogram. We have the power to release the fear-based thinking that holds us in place, in lack or ?just enough.? We can move beyond fear and learn a new way of life that is far more satisfying. We can learn to be joyous and connected to Source first, and to trust the universe with such conviction that we don?t retreat back to fear at the first sign of an obstacle. This is life changing and available to all. ?Improved conditions follow joy, not the other way around!? Listen to David?s show, The Stream of David, weekly on Law of Attraction Radio Network by going to http:/ / david-strickel. To learn more about the teachings of the Stream and the Tya spiritual practice, visit https:/ / tya/ To learn more about the practice of Tya, visit: https:/ / tya/ L earn more about David, the Stream and the practice of Tya, visit http:/ / Page 35