The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 34

St op Needing and St ar t Receiving David St r ickel The St r eam of David When we come to understand the Law of Attraction, we inevitably begin attempting to manifest everything we want with greater intention. Some things come easily: a great parking space, friendlier strangers, a better mood. Other things, the ?big? things, are more difficult for many. That?s because we make them so big? we need them. We tell ourselves, ?I?ll be so happy when I finally have that new car, bigger house, perfect partner, amazing job, etc. We find ourselves in a state of needing the person, thing, or condition to be happy. In that state, your vibration is ?I need it because I don?t have it? and the universe will send you the continued conditions of not having it. We believe having these things is the key to our happiness. The Stream has shared that finding our paths to joy without the things, without the changed conditions, is the key to true happiness. I became aware of the Law of Attraction at a very young age. I recall a ?Yes, you can have or do or be anything you want? message from what I now call the Stream as far back as age six. I also recall a very clear understating of LOA at age fourteen, when I told my older brother Doug that, "All we had to do was place ourselves mentally in the position of having money, and that money would come." We had to talk like we had money, act like we had money and we?d have money. I remember that he thought I was crazy and the whole idea was dishonest. But, I ran with it and it worked. Shortly after that, I manifested the lifestyle of a wealthy teenager, at least from my small-town perspective. It worked! I learned to manifest intentionally at a very young age. The only snag was that I focused all this power on money and things. At age forty, I found myself with a generous flow of money and a lot of shiny things, even with my GED education. I lived in a big, beautiful home in Bellevue, Washington outside Seattle in a gated community. I drove a Mercedes, wore custom suits traveled the world and ate at the best restaurants. But I was miserable. Page 34