The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 33

a good thing can also be bad. So please keep in mind that these alternatives do still break down to glucose and fructose in your body and all sweeteners should be used infrequently. The idea is to keep your sugar consumption to about 25grams per day. Changing your eating habits and taking control of your health requires a lot of effort but it is incredibly rewarding. Finding healthier alternatives, practicing moderation, and being aware of the dangers is the best way to act to stay healthy and promote your overall wellbeing. You will experience a higher quality of life, maintain a healthy weight, have more natural energy, and can prevent serious illness! If you feel like you need support on phasing sugar out of your diet, I am here to help. For more information visit my website: Cont act Toni Camacho f or a personal consul t at ion by cal l ing 858-564-8880 Or send her an email at : t oni.camacho@moongazingapot Visit to purchase pre-made tinctures or for a private consultation for your issue via Zoom or Skype. Purchase Her Best -Sel l ing book that can Reverse/ Prevent Autoimmune Disorders and Other Chronic Illnesses at: Page 33