The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 28

The Teachings of Joshua A New Appr oach t o Life Channeled by Gar y Temple Bodley Your current approach to life is one where you strive to control your conditions in order to avoid negative emotion. This approach is based on two premises; that negative emotion is something to be avoided and that you have the power to control your outer reality. Both premises are false. You need not ever avoid negative emotion for your emotions are part of your built-in guidance system and you cannot control your outer conditions. This approach to life is resistant and ineffective. We wish to teach you about a new approach to life. There is an approach to life that works in harmony with certain universal laws and the mechanism of physical reality. This new approach will allow you to create the life you truly desire (but perhaps not the life you think you want). In order to create your reality in a way that aligns with universal laws and what you truly want, there are some things you must understand first. You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That?s who you really are and also who everyone else really is. This is a basic fact that you must come to accept before you can engage the powers of the universe. Who you are being is a limited version of this. You are limited by fear. Mostly it is the fear of encountering negative emotion. This fear causes you to attract urges to change the conditions. Without this basic understanding of the mechanism of attraction, you are obliged to control your conditions. In order to allow the conditions to be as they are, you must accept first that the conditions are never wrong. In fact, nothing is ever wrong, it is always right. Your limited perspective, caused by fear, creates the illusion that something is wrong. However, from the higher, broader perspective, nothing is ever wrong or bad. It is actually neutral. Your judgment, which is often based in fear, causes you to perceive certain aspects of yourself, your life, the people in your life, and the world around you as wrong and bad. This is the illusion created by a limited perspective derived from fear. The truth is that nothing is ever wrong. It is always right. If you approach life as if some things are wrong, you will sink into lower vibrational states of being and feel negative emotion. You will assume that the subject that causes negative emotion is bad and wrong and so you seek to control those Page 28