The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 26

Hear your Inner Guidance Regar dless of t he Obst acles Befor e You. By Michael LeBlanc, MSW, LCSW My instructor points towards the forest. "Go into the woods and walk for about 5 minutes. Once you are completely in the forest, put this blindfold on, spin around a few times and then stand still,? he tells me. I give him an 'are you sure' sort of look. He smiles. "After a moment you will begin to hear a drum. Keeping your blind fold on, use the meditative walk we taught you earlier and then feel your way through the woods back to this spot? just keep following the sound of the drum,? he says. I head into the woods, put my blind fold on, spin around a few times and wait. The drum starts? steady? rhythmic. I begin walking but using the meditative walk they taught me. I breath deep and get centered and focused within. I place my right foot on its outer edge then gently roll it inward till it is flat on the ground. I truly feel my footing and surroundings before I shift my weight onto my foot. I repeat this process with each step and begin feeling my way and walking toward the sound of the drum. As I move slowly in this deliberate manner, I am amazed that I can literally feel and sense trees and shrubs around me. I can sense them, reach out and touch them and easily move around them. I keep feeling my way towards sound of the drum. After a bit of time walking, I get anxious, distracted, get 'in my head' and become not present and centered. I walk to fast, stumble and hit the ground. I stay on the ground a moment. I notice how in the moment I became anxious and got in my head, I was no longer present. I was no longer able to sense my surroundings. I had trouble keeping my balance and tripped. I stop. I breath. I get centered, begin feeling calm, begin to sense my surroundings again and resume walking towards the drum. I finally reach the drum. I have no real sense of time. "Take off your blind fold, turn around and look at the path you walked,? my instructor tells me. I turn around. I'm amazed. There is no way I would have walked that exact path with my eyes opened. I wouldn?t have thought I could walk through that amount of thickness of trees, shrubs and obstacles. I also wouldn?t have thought that if I walked slow enough to stay centered, focused and present, I would be able to sense and know so much and be literally guided in the right direction! I was amazed. This is a true story of my experience during a Native American Spirituality retreat I attended years ago. There is an intelligence, a consciousness, a divine guidance within us at all times, but we lose our ability to sense it and learn from it when we live life too fast, stay distracted and disconnect from our present moment. Attempt to live at a pace that allows you to enjoy and appreciate what 'is? in your life now and go slow enough to hear your inner guidance regardless of the obstacles before you. Ultimately, live at a pace that lets you enjoy your journey no matter where the sound of your drum is taking you. Michael LeBlanc, MSW, LCSW Author/ Speaker/ Life Coach/ Energy Practitioner http:/ / Imagine Manifesting Your Best Life Today! Let?s chat and get started. Contact me at Page 26