The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 22

opportunities, situations, and relationships that will perpetuate this wonderful ?high? feeling. The good news for you is that you can radically change your life by being grateful. The principle of gratitude is very powerful; it will inspire you to appreciate everything in your life. Being grateful now for the things you want to manifest confirms to the Universe that it is already yours, and you are open to receiving it. Gratitude energizes the Law of Attraction enabling you to manifest quickly. When you thank God in advance for that which you choose to experience in your reality, you, in effect, acknowledge that it is already there. If you focus on what you don?t have, you will attract even less. If you focus on what you do have, you will attract even more. When you are grateful for what you have, even when it is not enough, you?ll attract more of the good things in your life. I remember I had a client who was downsized from his very high-powered career position. He had worked for a Fortune 500 company for 20 years as a successful executive and was terminated because of organizational restructuring. By the time he began coaching with me, his anger had turned into rage. He was very bitter and resentful about his termination. One of the first things I had him to practice was gratitude. I asked him to take a look at what remained in his life and begin to be radically grateful. Even though he was very resistant, he made a decision to practice gratitude during his morning exercise. He would run for one hour. During his run, he began being grateful for what he did have. After about two weeks, he noticed a change in his attitude and mindset. He realized he felt better emotionally and mentally. He noticed that gratitude helped him to focus on all of the good rather than the fact that he had been downsized. He began to be open to the unlimited and abundant career opportunities that were coming his way. Radical gratitude became a daily habit for him and of course, he landed his dream job. His radical gratitude actually helped him produce a high six figure income. In other words, gratitude actually speeds up the Law of Attraction because it is a powerful energy that produces immediate results. If you want to increase and accelerate actual manifesting with The Law of Attraction ? Pract ice Dail y Grat it ude and Col or your Worl d Beaut if ul . HOW YOU CAN BEGIN TO PRACTICE GRATITUDE DAILY MAKING IT A LIFESTYLE? The question is, ?how you can begin to practice gratitude in your daily life.? Let me say upfront, practicing gratitude initially may not be easy, but it is simple. A great example would be to wake up each morning being grateful for the very breath you are breathing. Do this daily because but we know that the best way to practice gratitude is by making it a habit. When you make it a habit, you train your mind to always focus on the best things in your life. TEXT A FRIEND/ FAMILY MEMBER: I remember riding in the back of Jewel's car with New York Times? Best-Selling author ? Pam Grout. Pam and I were in California traveling to LAX Airport on our way back to our respective cities after a powerful Law of Attraction Cruise. She began sharing with me about her new upcoming book that was about to be released entitled, ?Thank and Grow Rich.? She shared that the gist of the book was centered on how you can add richness and abundance into your life by being thankful and grateful. Pam shared that she and a close girlfriend made an agreement to share and text three things they were grateful for every day. Each day, they would text something different to each other and experienced radical shifts in their personal Page 22