The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 17

hesitation to offer such material within the venue a Christian Church. Visiting our local library one day in preparation for the class, a video tape jumped out at me. It was ?The Burning Times? and vividly tells the story of the witch burnings that happened for many generations in our history. I had heard of this video often and had never viewed it, so I took it home, thinking it would help me in my preparation for this class. Little did I know what an important piece of my own healing and preparation this video would be. Later, as I watched ?The Burning Times,? I was deeply aware of a sense of horror within me and a strong desire to turn off the video and never finish it. A voice inside compelled me to finish it though, so I continued till the end. All day this video hovered strongly in my thoughts and feelings. Later that night I had just put my daughter to bed, the house was quiet and I was walking downstairs to let the cat in, an average night in our home. As my foot hit the bottom step I felt my ankle twist and instantly I collapsed on the floor, howling in pain, my ankle immediately swollen to three times it?s normal size. Moments later, resting on the couch with my husband and daughter in attendance doing energetic interventions for me, I realized that in falling I had the feeling of having literally ripped through into another reality, another lifetime and that the feeling was as if a zipper in time had opened for a split second and I had been thrown to the ground. Strange images haunted me through the night as I felt my throbbing ankle. As sychro-destiny would have it, I had asked my husband prior to this incident for some time to do an Life Centered Therapy session. I have worked in an on-going way for several years with the intention of releasing blocks to bringing my work forward, to coming with full power into offering my gifts to the world. Professionally, the year had begun slowly, after an expansive fall, and I was also aware of my subtle fear of teaching the class at my church and this fear was reflected in very low enrollment for the class. I was ready to take on the next layer of healing. My intention in the session with my Husband was to release any blocks to fulfillment in my career as a teacher, counselor and healer. As we began, muscle testing indicated that a Power Pattern was acting as a sabotage on my intention. The method of access to the story was amplification of body sensation and the story past life and karmic. Within moments the story unfolded vividly in my mind of a midwife who had lived during the times of the witch burnings. The scene I relived however, was not of being burned but rather of being thrown to the ground, beaten and stoned. The fear and pain I felt was tremendous as well as the sense of betrayal that I had been turned in to religious authorities by those very families I had helped with their births. Though tapping interventions helped to release some of the trauma, my deepest healing came from the recognition of the fear that led these others to turn me in, and my own forgiveness of them and of Spirit for allowing this to happen. Page 17