The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 16

M y Ow n Kar m i c Heal i n g A Case St u dy of Li f e Cen t er ed Th er apy In facilitating others through the protocol of the LCT Power Pattern, I have been often touched and awed by the power of releasing this karmic wound that can keep one afraid and silent. prior to my personal experience of the Power Pattern in an LCT session are a reminder of how events in our life and our clients, can conspire to set the stage for an opportunity of profound healing. Rather than tell the story of another?s journey through this healing however, I wish to share how this pattern came alive in my own life and healing and released an important karmic trauma that had been one aspect of what held me back in offering my work and service in the world. The unfolding of events that occurred This past winter I was preparing to offer a class at my local church called ?I am the Goddess? as an opportunity for women to explore and heal into a stronger sense of the feminine divine within them. Though the women?s ministry at the church was asking me to offer this class, I was aware that I felt an edge of discomfort and Page 16