The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 14

I noticed she seemed to r ela x. Her breat hing slowed. She was st ill red faced and st ill anxious, but clearly more relaxed. She st art ed t o remove t he wires from my body. As she did, I just kept pract icing ho?oponopono. W hen she was done, I t old her I?d wait for her t o finish t he ot her t wo pat ient s. She left t he room and I got dressed. But even as I dressed, I cont inued saying t he four phrases. The ot her pat ient s left . I went out t o t he main area and saw her sit t ing at her desk, her head laying down like a st udent at school having recess. ?Ar e you ok ay?? ?I?m fine,? she said. She was st ill st ruggling t o breat he. ?I?m a cigaret t e smoker and haven?t had one in a while,? she confessed. I wait ed and t alked t o her a bit . Once I was confident she was t ruly st able, and t hat her supervisor would be coming in short ly, I left . So, did ho?oponopono help her? It helped me. That?s the point. W henever you have somet hing going on, do ho?oponopono on yourself. As you relax int o t he miracle of now, you will feel bet t er. As you do, t he out er may shift t oo. But do it for you. Ao Akua, joe PS ? I called a few days lat er t o check on t he nurse. She went on vacat ion. Maybe now she will t ruly relax. Maybe she?ll even read my books on ho?oponopono, Zero Limits and AT Zero. Find more informat ion on Dr. Joe at ht t p:// Mr. Page 14