The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 13

?Then you?ll love my book,? I said. ?I coaut hored it wit h t he t herapist , and I int erviewed t he st aff t hat worked at t he hospit al wit h him.? She shook her head. ?Do you believe t he st uff you writ e?? she asked. That was a st unner. ?Yes, of course! It would be t he great est crime in my life t o writ e what I didn?t believe.? ?Well, it sounds bogus to me.? I let it go. I was t here t o have my sleep diagnosed, not get in an argument . But t hen somet hing miraculous happened. Around 5 in t he morning, I announced I couldn?t sleep anymore and she might as well ret urn and unhook me from t he t est equipment . She came out , moving slow, and I not iced she was red faced and st ruggling t o breat he. I asked if she were okay. ?I think I ?m having a hea r t atta ck.? I inst ant ly perked up and sat up. I st ill had wires all over me and elect rodes on my head and face. But I was alert . ?I?ll call 911 right now,? I offered. ?My phone is right here.? ?No, t he hospit al is right behind us.? ?Then I?ll walk you t o t he hospit al. Just get t his st uff off of me and we?ll go.? ?I st ill have t wo ot her pat ient s t o unhook,? she explained. ?Then I can go.? ?Sit down her e,? I sa id, patting the bed. She did. ?Take your t ime. There?s no hurry.? As she sat beside me, I began t o pract ice t he four phrases of basic ho?oponopono. I repeat ed, I love you, I?m sorry, please forgive me and thank you. I didn?t say it out loud. I just repeat ed it silent ly, as a mant ra. Page 13