The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 12

Dr. Joe Vit ale I went t o a sleep st udy cent er recent ly. I needed t o find out if I have sleep apnea. I don?t know t he result s yet , but I want t o share t his st ory of what happened while I was t here. It ?s anot her miracle. Tell me what you t hink? The woman hooking me up wit h wires and sensors had an hour t o kill, as she had t hat much set up t o do, so she asked me what I did for a living. ?Lot s of t hings,? I said. ?I?m primarily an aut hor.? ?W hat have you writ t en?? "BOGUS" ?I?ve writ t en over 76 books,? I said. ?Good God! Tell me about one of t hem.? I t old her about Zero Limits. I explained t he st ory of Dr. Hew Len and how he helped heal an ent ire ward of ment ally ill criminals wit h a Hawaiian healing met hod called ho?oponopono. ?W hat ?s t hat ?? she asked. I explained it was a way t o change out er realit y by changing your inner percept ions of it . ?Are you saying t hat t he t herapist changed his percept ions and t he inmat es got bet t er?? ?Exact ly.? ?Bogus!? she blur ted. I was slight ly surprised. I?m not used t o meet ing people so inst ant ly close minded. ?I?m a psychologist ,? she said. ?I only look at t he brain and empirical evidence for what works.? Page 12