The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine May, June 2019 - Page 10

Thinking About M y Death By Featur ed Colum nist Ellen Wood When I was a kid, Sunday was the day we visited relatives. We never phoned ahead ? if one family wasn?t home, we just went to the next since my Czechoslovakia-born grandparents had kept populating the new world, and their offspring planted themselves a few miles from each other near Pottsville, Pennsylvania where I was born and raised. The first time that death and I stared at each other was one of those Sundays when I was about 4 or 5. I knew the family we were visiting was having a party because you could smell the booze as you walked in the door and the cacophony of talking, laughing and crying was extra loud. I went right into the living room to play with the kids and was startled to see one of the family?s daughters sleeping in a satin-lined box on a pedestal, dressed in a white Holy Communion dress, a rosary entwined around her small fingers. She wasn?t breathing or moving so I realized she was dead. I was not afraid, as I?m not afraid of death now ? it was just different from what I had experienced before. I was used to the death of our cats and dogs and always participated in burial processions where I got to carry the small rock with our pet?s name painted on it, following behind my brother Joe who solemnly carried the two-stick cross. My sister Helen went last, bearing flowers from our garden or geraniums from Mom?s house plants if it was winter. And so now, at 82, having experienced quite a few human and pet deaths in between, it?s time to think about my own death. Mom, Daddy, Helen and Joe are all gone, so I?m the last one of those two generations. On this side of the veil, though, there are lots: four biological children, two stepchildren, two foster daughters, fifteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. I am truly blessed. Whether we are a flea, a Doberman or a human, our body is formed, used and discarded. But as humans we have the consciousness to reflect, to choose how to react to life?s vicissitudes, to be self-centered or to be of service to others. That?s Page 10