The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 9

you define it. Enlightenment is usually perceived as something extremely difficult to attain? something that requires vigorous sadhana and enormous time, and can only be experienced by saints or spiritual gurus. Perhaps this is because even they have not been able to demonstrate exactly what it is and part of ?You?, as you and your partner are originally one. The mission of your life, which you can never erase, and the meaning of your existence are hidden in your partner. It is only your partner (that is, your true partner) who can recall and awaken the memories hidden deep within you and the memories within the DNA inherited from your ancestors? your memories that existed even before you were born. If you truly desire to know your-?Self,? you will be able to meet your true ?part?-ner, and with the application of Miross you can decode and even rewrite your DNA. This hidden secret is what I call the ?Marriage Code.? To attain true self-realization, it is essential to have your partner?s memories, who in turn has yours. You can have unlimited potential and create anything in the space between you and your partner through inner marriage. This is why I call Miross the most romantic technology in the universe. Towards t he Real izat ion of Absol ut e Peac e In the December and January issues, I explained that when each of us end inner conflicts and experience new-dimensional realities we can change the world and attain absolute peace. Many have questioned how it is possible to change a humanity made up of 7.6 billion people by trying to end the inner conflicts in each of us. Changing the world by ending conflicts in each and every person is not a far-fetched idea. Think of it this way. When you hear news about problems taking place in our society, do you think Photo Credit: Hidemi Ogata M an an d Wom an , Black an d Wh it e, Lef t an d Righ t - Tr an sen din g Polar Opposit es t o u n it e as on e, t o becom e t r u e love it self . Tr u e par t n er s: Rossco an d h is beau t if u l w if e, M idor i. show how to attain it. With Miross and its application, it is now possible for anyone to attain it, even within the context of their daily life. Here I would like to share one extremely significant point, which also touches upon the essence of Miross: In order to go back to your true Self or create true Consciousness, the existence of your partner is critical and essential. they have nothing to do with you? Consider this: your relationships with others? including your family, friends, and people at work? generate What is a part ner? It is your ?part?ner who shares Page 9 M ar ch , 2018