The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 8

we are tossed back and forth between them. However, as you can see in the diagram, if you displace your viewpoint dimensionally (at the position of the Miross mark), you can see the opposite polarities as a pair (large plus and large minus) as well as their inner structure (small plus and small minus). We call this Dual-structured Coexistence. The opposite polarities that we have conventionally perceived as different and opposing (e.g. light and darkness, freedom and oppression) coexist and internally are actually the same. If you identify with plus or minus in the mechanism of opposite polarities, you will see before you the reversed phenomenon. When it comes to human emotions, small plus and minus are put in conflict under large plus or minus: whatever you suppress is reversed to the exterior and appears before you (dual-structured). Therefore, depending on how you treat matters, phenomena will change. This is called ?reversal by identification of consciousness.? It is this System, however, that allows us to have a higher viewpoint and clearly understand the mechanism of the third-dimensional world. Let me further explain. If you become aware that you (as ego) are the one who does not accept yourself and see the opposite polarities in you simultaneously as balance, you will achieve harmony within. There will no longer be any need for you to be accepted by others. That is because by reversing the already reversed world in 180°,? and ? will be pair-annihilated and? won?t be able to exist. If ? cannot exist, then ? cannot exist either since they exist as a pair. That is because by reversing the already reversed world in 180°, ? and ? will be pair-annihilated and ? won?t be able to exist. If ? cannot exist, then ? cannot exist either since they exist as a pair. What is important is not to perceive the minus as minus, but to perceive the minus and plus as balance. When you do t his, your worl d wil l change in an inst ant . The ot her part y is someone who can show you t he imbal ance in you, and can be your best benef act or or t eacher. Surely you wonder what we can do in this world of opposite polarities and reversal by identification. I will now touch upon how we will be able to experience the world of truth and go back to true Consciousness? that is, true Self. When you practice it, you tend to become your own ?viewpoint? and thus lose the viewpoint of the higher dimension. This makes it impossible to practice. However, once you understand the System perfectly, the practice will become natural and take place automatically. You will be able to Appl icat ion Met hods see the entirety from the higher-dimensional Because the world has been in a state of reversal, viewpoint, just as if you were viewing a map and we need to re-reverse by controlling a drone or using 180° in order to return to our Google Earth to focus on When you lear n t o look at true Self. To do so, you different parts. In fact from revert ?unconsciousness as pr oblems dif fer ent ly, you no this viewpoint, you can see manifested in the other the entirety of not only longer seek an