The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 7

Since our feat ur ed ar t icles in Law of At t r act ion Magazine?s December 20 17 and Januar y 20 18 issues, we have received comments like this one (below) from people who have had a chance to read my book "New Dimensional Thought Technology." ?Just finished reading this book!!! Absolutely amazing. It filled in many blanks of information that I had been tracking for sometime. This is truly new thought for the new programs emerging now on this planet.? perspectives and share thoughts on how we are engaged in a movement towards absolute peace. New Dimensional Thought Technol ogy The Syst em NDTT is a completely new thought system through which we can completely eliminate human ego, thus not allowing problems to exist. It is the most romantic technology that makes it possible for us to live in the true space (which I call ?Absolute Space?) where we can experience unl imit ed creat ion. With this technology we can live as we wish, since we have completely demystified third-dimensional thought and have created true Consciousness by showing the way from third-dimensional self to higher-dimensional Self? True Self. K. Bell (a reader of New Dimensional Thought Technology) But what is even more amazing is that many people have already been experiencing the ?absolutely amazing? phenomena of New Dimensional Thought Technology (NDTT) for themselves first hand as they practice it. NDTT is therefore not a mere academic paper or armchair theory, but is a technology by which you can completely transform yourself. Neither is it just for the sake of solving problems: those who have experienced new-dimensional realities? what many call miracles (see LOA January 2018 issue)? have ended their internal conflicts and started a whole new way of life. Having experienced inner peace, they now truly feel that the realization of absolute peace, which humanity has sought throughout history, is possible. This finally ends the seemingly constant repetition of conflicts and an ephemeral, patchwork type of peace. And they have begun sharing this new way of life with the world. We are often asked by readers why we say ?absolute peace? instead of merely ?peace?. The etymology of words sometimes reveals a certain wisdom and truth within them. In Japanese, the word for ?absolute? literally means ?to end opposite polarities.? In English, this can be interpreted as ?to free from division.? The reason we can say ?absolute? is that we can indeed eradicate opposite polarities and free ourselves from the world of division by using NDTT. If indeed we can do that, everything can become ?absolute.? In this article, I will shed light on NDTT from new The f ol l owing shows t he essence of t he Miross Syst em. While this diagram may seem quite simple, it contains the entire mechanism of this world, including human relationships and all other phenomena that take place around us. In the third-dimensional world, when you place plus on one side (the large plus as shown above), minus appears simultaneously on the other side. Thus we are controlled by these opposite polarities, and in the world of duality and division Page 7 M ar ch , 2018