The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 49

First I want t o t hank you f or your reading of my dad l ast Fal l . Broadway tunes, and he?d like to have his feet rubbed. I had asked what st age he was in and if I shoul d make pl ans t o t ravel f rom my home in Ukiah, CA t o him in Indianapol is. I'm in Indianapol is now and my dad, Robert , went on hospice on January 30t h (6 days af t er I came home t o visit ). So, I pl an t o st ay here f or t he durat ion of his journey. Please consider reading my book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next and sharing it with your family. I believe you?ll find it both informative and comforting as you go through this process with your dad. I want t o know what st age he is in now. He can't seem t o t al k t o us anymore and I want t o support his journey as much as I can. What does he need? Is he in pain? What smel l s/ scent s, music and/ or experiences woul d bring him t he most pl easure right now? What does he want us t o know? Has he f orgiven himsel f and ot hers? Is he ready t o l eave? Lastly, look for the little miracles/ seren- dipities along the way. Any guidance you can share woul d be much appreciat ed. I l ove your show and one day pl an t o schedul e a one-on-one just f or f un! I hope you're having a beaut if ul day! Jenny Hi Jenny, They?ll be plentiful and will be your assurance that everything is indeed unfolding in a perfectly divine order. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hugs too! I?m so delighted you got your wish and are able to spend this time with your dad. Per your request, I first connected to you and from you to your dad. He is in Phase 10 of the Twelve Phases of Transition. This means he is surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones. His parents? spirits are at his feet and hundreds of deceased family and friends? spirits are there as well. There are even some deceased pets? spirits present. All of them comprise what I call the ?Welcome to Heaven? committee. In addition, his spirit is out of his body and is attached to the top of his head where a vortex has formed. It looks like a funnel cloud (tornado). J ulie Ryan, Psychic and Medical Intuitive, can be It has a strong upward pull and will help his spirit heard on The Law of Attraction Radio Network. The Ask Julie Ryan Show welcomes callers on separate from his body when the time comes. Thursdays at 8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT and on- Your dad told me he is ready to go, isn?t in pain, line submissions that may be answered on the and just wants his family around him. air. When I asked him your specific questions, he For more information please go to said he?d like to smell a vanilla scent similar to sugar cookies baking, he?d like for you to play Page 49, M ar ch , 2018