The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 44

Ar e You On Tr ack w it h YOUR Law of At t r act ion? Ask Your Body and Body Conf idence is Your s! By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC Your body k nows when you ar e on t r ack w it h your LAW OF ATTRACTION. Through the practice of your body knowledge, your body communicates what is right for both of you. own Body Confidence. So the question is to ask yourself is: How do I have a conversation with my body so we can move forward with our intentions. Your body and you want to have a conversation. Why not? You will learn more about each other. Yes, this is about having a relationship between you and your body to make decisions in all as- pects of your life. Guess what! Your personal body knowledge system is a short cut to LAW OF ATTRACTION and your Body Confidence. In order to coordinate your body?s intelligence with your ?knowing? (some call this your intu- ition) then you make the right decision to move forward in the world and influence other with your creative ideas. This is how we live in our Effective application of the Law of Attraction depends upon your body knowledge. Getting to know your body as your Best Friend Forever identifies the real goal of your energetic efforts. That is to get more of what you want and less of what you don?t want. What do you want? Page 44 M ar ch , 2018