The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 4

A H ear t- Fel t T r i bu te B y t h e Ed i t o r - I n - C h i ef , Jew el s Jo h n so n I was just informed that this brilliant man named Rossco transitioned yesterday, a day before this issue goes public. Rossco wrote a new article just a few weeks ago for our March Issue and it is absolutely brilliant (Page 6). This was a man who lived in the 5th dimension where he discovered incredible insights about humanity. His wife and true partner Midori said yesterday, "There is a meaning for the timing of his death and that as he has departed from his body, he would even play a more special role in serving humanity." I believe this to be true. The timing of his death is synchronous of the events that I experienced. Six months ago, I read "New Dimensional Thought Technol ogy" and asked the Author, Rossco, hugely popular in Japan, to be on the cover of Law of Attraction Magazine. His translated article was so well received that I asked him to please write 2 more articles for the Feb. and April issues of the magazine. I didn't know the reason at the time, but I got the immediate impulse to change the issues to calendar year last December, so we rushed everything to be January and March instead of February and April issues. Looking back today, had the issue dates not occurred, we most likely would not have gotten his last brilliant and very important article. As a matter of fact, his article was so brilliant, I decided to read it to my listeners on Law of Attraction Talk Radio two weeks ago. Then came the news of his death yesterday and I read his article once again, I could see the synchronicity of what he was saying,.. Absol ut e Space equal s Absol ut e Peace. This message transcends everything else especially death. Another coincidence is that Rossco just finished a huge event of 700 people earlier in the day. He personally greeted each one after the event and then went home with his beloved wife, Midori. Later that night, he died. As you can see, he was working hard to get his message out to as many who would listen...because his mission was world peace through inner healing. It is message that is extremely needed right now on the planet. In a way, it was like Rossco knew that he was leaving us, so he worked tirelessly to get his final message out. His friend and trusted Aide told me that "Rossco's spirit lives on. Midori is with us. Miross will always be there. And I still believe it will change the world and bring about absolute peace on earth." This is so true! All I can say is "Thank YOU Rossco." Your message IS the answer that I have been waiting for. I was so blessed to connect with you for the last 6 months and I am thrilled that your teachings of Peace through individual healing will continue on. I guarantee it will. Jewels Page 4 M ar ch , 2018