The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 33

own experience. We want to bring you to an understanding of the nature of physical reality and the laws of the universe. If you do not quite believe all we have to say, have faith that the evidence for our assertions will present itself to you. If you can suspend your belief for a moment and allow for the possibility that you create your own reality, you will start to notice the evidence of that statement showing up in your own experience. not found the mate of your dreams, have faith that you are attracting that person and you will be ready for his or her arrival. Have faith that you can achieve and maintain perfect health. Listen to your body and strive to feel good. Pay attention to how you feel and have faith that you can and will feel better if that is what you truly want. Realize your body is a community of cells, each seeking alignment and well-being. Understand that well-being flows through you unless you think thoughts that hinder the flow. Release the fear and doubt you?ve been carrying and allow yourself to relax and find ease in your life. Have faith that abundance exists all around you. Realize that you have an abundance of air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat. You have an abundance of time, whether it seems that way or not. You have an abundance of love flowing to you from all around. You have an abundance of people to interact with and things to capture your attention. You have an abundance of freedom. You must now realize that the abundance of money you seek is waiting for you as well. There are no limitations in this world except those you place on your As you see evidence of your own powers of creation, you will move from belief to knowing. Knowing is simply very strong belief. A fact is nothing more than a strong belief. When you think of the statement that you create your own reality as a fact, the n you have come to a place of knowing. Belief has doubt within it. There is much less doubt contained in knowing. As doubt is removed, fact is created. Nothing in your life exists until you know it to exist. Gravity is a law of physical existence. You know that the ball will hit the ground when released and bounce back up. You know the ball has certain features and will react to your movements with consistency. You can depend on the ball to perform in a certain manner as Gr av i t y i s a l aw of Physi cal Ex i st en ce... Ju st l i k e t h e Law of At t r act i on . long as it is properly filled with air. But the ball is no more real than the gravity by which it is Page 33 M ar ch , 2018