The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 32

Th e Teach i ngs of Josh ua Hav e a Li ttl e... F aith is the belief in something unknown and lacking in evidence. By practicing faith, you?re really practicing a habit of thought. You?re looking at reality from another perspective. Practice your faith in whatever you want to be and you will change your life. See reality not as it appears through your current perspective, but as what it could be. Have faith that what you want is on its way. your desire and will bring it to you in a way that exceeds your wildest expectations. Have faith that your life experience to this point has unfolded perfectly to bring you to this moment in time. Had you not lived your life exactly as you did, you would not be here now. You would not have the set of beliefs necessary to find this very article. You would not have the wanting Som e door s that the Univer se needed to attract this material. Have faith that doesn't open for you is nothing you can move from this m or e than Divine Pr otection. place where you now stand to the place you And other s, the tim ing is not truly want to be. Have faith that the universe is designed to bring you what you desire. Focus on whatever you truly want and have faith quite r ight. that it will come. Do You are not trying to get not take action unless away from a place you Have a little faith inspired and have don?t like. Rather, you are faith that the moving to a new place Because it's w or th the w ait! inspiration will come that calls to you. Have at the perfect faith that you?re on the moment. Have faith right path. If you have not found your passion that the universe knows the smallest details of in life, have faith that you will soon. If you have Page 32 M ar ch , 2018