The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 29

Causal Plane. I was male, the other entity was female. To be clear, we were not bodies but thought forms. She, or my feminine principle, dove down into a vortex. Without a ?by your leave,? and without question or any caution, I followed her, entering a great war and being on the losing side. Please note that the hook for all of us is that we HATE to lose and for better or worse we access The Law of Attraction with a goal or intention to win. I did win and big a couple thousand years later! The complex entanglements just keeps you in the dream bouncing off the walls like the sport Jai Alai's rubber ball. This wild 7000-year karmic cause and effect ride lasted through four major lifetimes. Through a lucky chance, I stumbled into biofeed- back work and then fortunately discovered regression work which allowed me to finally wake up, out of the Dream state, and start existing in my now present Spiritual Liberation path. I am indeed in an awakened state of being. A Caut ion About Past Lif e Regression. I want to caution you about regression work. The goal is to solve specific issues. not to get all kinds of details about an event such as reliving who you were and all its trappings. If you go this route, you may defeat your purpose. I know some people like to go looking for treasure for example. But the whole process is very delicate and tricky. There can be unexplored cause and effect issues that could make things worse for you. My recommendation is to decide what problem you want to solve that is stopping you from awakening or healing a current issue and if it gets solved, then leave return to your present state. For example, you may choose to use regression to cure your existing cancer. While you are in your past life encounter you realize that you had a fascinating lifetime. Focusing on this excitement may actually distract you from your original mission which would be to cure your cancer. I personally would let it go and be satisfied that you cured the cancer rather than reliving the past life. If you are on a Spiritual Liberation path, I would be mindful of Bernadette Roberts' caution as she worked toward Liberation and used that as a rule. Bernadette (now an ex-nun of Teresa of Avila's Carmelite Order and author of The Path to No-Self) recounts that by using this process of regression, she began getting amazing powers. She could read minds and make predictions about the future. Bernadette wisely let it all go and Ber n adet t e Rober t s ignored the powers until the powers went away by themselves. She noted that all those things that you relive will take you deeper into egotic mind-games. If you stay in the ego-mind, you will pay a price if you are not very careful. For someone looking for liberation, going outside the bounds of what you actually need in your life is a trap. The goal should be that you are living within your means and you have everything you need to fulfill your obligations easily. The lesson here is that you cannot attain Spiritual Liberation by creating karma. You attain Spiritual Liberation by unwinding or letting go of Karma and coming into the Light. The Tao Can you cleanse your inner vision until you see nothing but the light? Regression work will literally heal you and take you where ever you want to go. As to moderation in general, my grandfather in the Depression Era was given lottery numbers by his deceased relatives. He would win just enough money to feed and clothe his family. My Grandfather never asked for more and yet he lived a comfortable abundant life never in need of anything even though he never accumulated any great wealth. What I am suggesting is the need to be a millionaire Page 29 M ar ch , 2018