The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 28

M odus V i v endi (A Way of Li v i ng) V i a Regressi on By Ti to A bao I s th e K ey to Heal i ng Hi dden i n Past Li v es? We have upon us a new direction of living. The Monograph of The Parallel Life of Tito Abao 1936 AD - & Nero 37AD ? 68 AD is a unique concept that I created in that it is a template that applies to all human beings. Understanding this concept can help you unravel your current life situation by waking you up to how the Dual Universe works. Your current life is a series of energetic thought- formations, held together by the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect. This concept operates on many levels. The most basic of which is becoming aware that regression technology has the capability of dissolving many of your most basic blocks to good health, abundance in your life, mental dexterity and any number of annoying or perplexing issues you may be facing in any given moment. The big bonus is that it can lead to Spiritual Liberation. In my case it did, and it can awakened your being, should you choose to pursue Spiritual Liberation. Specifically, you will wake up as I woke up. Around 1:22 pm, Sunday ,December 17, 2017 ,I woke up. No bells and whistles I just woke up. And it only took 7000 years! Here is how I first entered the Physical Universe or more commonly known as the Third Dimensional Universe of Karma ? Cause and Effect or the Dual Universe. My book goes into this phenomenon in greater lengths, but for this article purpose, I will explain what this adventure will mean for you. Consciousness is ONE without division and absolute unconditional love. It cannot relate to itself without splitting off into a male/ feminine duality. Thus it is impossible for anyone to be in the World without a Soul-Mate or Twin Flame. This is the reason all human beings are in a constant search for that 'one and only'. I discovered that I got separated from my twin which took over 7000 years and four major lifetimes for my twin and I to come back together. It all began for me in the following way: In a regression session I accessed t his memory: I was tooling about on the Causal Plane or more like playfully chasing another entity around on the Page 28 M ar ch , 2018