The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 26

physical self. - Spirit (Breath) ? ?Central Channel Breath? ? As you breathe, begin to feel a central channel of energy running up and down your spine, extending from above your head to below your feet. Inhaling, gently squeeze the throat, your heart-center and pull upward on your pelvic floor. This pulls spirit (breath) inward and anchors it in the core of your body. Exhale downward into the earth below and then reverse the process. Breathing this way, you will begin building energy inside your system. - Body ? Using the body, we can show the mind what the Soulful Self is trying to reveal. It?s as if the soul speaks to the body, and the body speaks to the mind, yet the mind doesn?t listen until it learns the language being revealed. To help the mind perceive the body?s messages, physical movement mixed with mindfulness - yoga or Qi-gong - are helpful and offer even deeper results when combined with the practices listed above. Making The Quantum Flip Realizing the truth of who we are and animating the space in-between is our destiny. We are that already. All we need is to make The Quantum Flip in our perception. This Quantum Flip is a reality in our Quantum world. It is proven that photons, this tiniest particle, can change direction instantaneously without even having to slow down. That translates in your life too. In an instant, it can be different. Making the Quantum Flip - seeing yourself as pure infinite energy - is the miraculous. The sooner we do, the sooner life becomes miraculous because you finally realize, that you ARE the miracle itself. Dr. Sue Morter is founder of Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics and Healing. She is currently writing a book about Energy Medicine that will be released in 2019. Dr. Morter teaches self-help coursework worldwide called, The Energy Codes: Principles and Practices for Embodying Your Essential Self. The Energy Codes unlock the neural patterns that have confined humanity to a world of externalized reference and survival, generating new circuitry for the internal empowered and evolutionary awakening that is occurring in humanity in an organized, codified manner. You can learn more at www.Dr.Sue Page 26 M ar ch , 2017