The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 25

do, then when we light up a particular frequency, we understand it activates another?s energy the same way. In doing so we can awaken a new bandwidth of consciousness for humanity and redefine our role as the responsible steward of infinite power. As energetic beings connected through a field of pure empty space, we want to activate the colors or frequencies of humanity that are unified. Your mind, body, feelings and emotions must come together to light up and activate your truth and human consciousness in a positive way. Animating the Empty Space It is our destiny to become,or live as, this pure energetic field. Revealing this truth comes from the deep embodiment and full acceptance of unifying body, mind and spirit (spirit in the body is breath). We must fully embrace all we are, he re in this third-dimensional physical world, and realize it?s not ?out there? but ?inside? where the empty space can be activated. To do this, we must increase our own perceptive field and build more circuits, or make more energetic connections within our bodies, so we can perceive more of what's actually true. As we do, the boundaries between thoughts and physical matter begin to blur by choice and we awaken to that infinite field. There are steps we can put into action to build these circuits in our bio-energetic system and sensory nervous system that allow us to perceive a greater awareness of our truth. In my Energy Codes coursework, I teach a step-by-step process to help individuals access the raw energy underneath the thinking mind and shift its flow for greater perception. Bel ow are a f ew simpl e pract ices you can use t o buil d circuit s and begin perceiving t his empt y space exist ing in our real it y by unif ying t he body, mind and breat h. - Mind ?The ?Subject/ Object? technique uses your mind to draw energy inward and begin perceiving the Essential Self and the space in-between. First, focus your attention outward on a person or object, such as a coffee cup sitting before you. Notice how it feels to place your energy outside of you. Then, change your focus inward and notice what sensations you experience. The more you focus within, you start to perceive this space between your thoughts and Page 25 M ar ch , 2018