The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 24

the energy itself. Ancient spirituality would agree, this is the truth of who we are ? pure awareness, or the Soulful Self. A Space of Miracles & Abundance Animating the empty space is a new frontier for the Law of Attraction. Working with the Law of Attraction, when we vibrate at certain frequencies in our thoughts, free will and lifestyle, we attract experiences that resonate with our established frequency. The new perspective birthing from our current science would have us realize we are the abundant space in-between the particles housing everything that could possibly be desired. There is nothing that we are not! We simply have to begin to operate as the cosmic being we truly are ? the infinite. instantaneously. You are not a separate being waiting to receive something that exists outside yourself. You already are that thing which you desire ? you simply have to remember and reveal it. Once you do, you no longer wait to attract miracles in your life ? rather you ARE the miracle! Activating the Unified Field - Everyone Wins As we animate this empty space humanity shifts into the realm of miraculous. When you look into the space between things, such as the space existing between you and another person, imagine thousands of dots of color representing various energy frequencies. We no longer have to focus on learning to receive from the outer world to reveal our true magnificence. The key is to tap this beautiful space underneath the story of our lives and our past experiences that has built a box within which we are trapped, and stop separating ourselves from the abundance we already are. When we remember this truth, we can manifest whatever we want in the here and now, When you tap a frequency, you light that frequency up in all of creation. These subtle dots of color activate and act as a universal communication network. Those dots are lighting up inside of this interconnecting system and impacting everything from the material world, all the way to the un-manifest world beneath the Quantum reality we have measured to date. This is the energy of creation itself and you are that. When you perceive yourself as this amazing presence, you will impact the world with your very consciousness. If we are awake to the truth that we are that abundant space between the particles and understand Page 44 Jan ., the connectivity of all we think and Page 24 M ar ch , 2018