The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 20

Notice the contrast on the left side of the list -- this is all the things they do not like about the kind of clients they are attracting. Because they were giving attention to this experience LONGER than briefly, they continue to attract more of this kind of client. This worksheet will help take the contrast and convert it to clarity. For each item on the contrast side, this person asked, "so, what do I want", which birthed the answer, which became their clarity. Do you see and underst and now, how knowing what you don't want is essent ial and import ant ? Without the contrast you would not be able to birth what you do want. Now this person has clarity of what they DO want, and for the first time, they have a list describing their Ideal Cl ient . Summary: (1) Contrast is anything you don't like that causes a negative vibe (2) Contrast is essential to getting clarity (3) Some areas, you observe contrast for a long time, some briefly (4) The key to observing contrast is to observe it BRIEFLY (5) There is no determined time on long briefly is... just briefer than before (6) The Clarity Through Contrast Worksheet will help you get clarity (7) For each item on the contrast side, ask "so, what do I want" (8) You can only have ONE vibration at a time What area of your life needs a Vibe Reset? Your relationship, your finances, your health, your customer or clients, or other? Use the Clarity Through Contrast Worksheet to get clarity FAST. Once you have birthed your clarity you have started to send a NEW vibration of what you DO want. Get started today. To downl oad your copy of t he Clarity Through Contrast Worksheets, visit: worksheets Page 20 M ar ch , 2018