The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 19

Let me show you how to convert that negative attention to what you don't want, to what you DO want using the worksheets for Step 1, Identifying Your Desire. Here is an example of a business owner who was attracting the wrong kind of client. Step 1: Identify My Desire Cl arit y Through Cont rast Worksheet My Ideal Client Cont rast (What I Don't Like) Cl arit y (What I Do Like) 1.Don't pay on time 1.Pay early and on time 2.Don't give referrals 2.Refer me to others, often 3.Don't buy more than once 3.Buy multiple things from me 4.Don't have money 4.Have money and a budget for me 5.Don't return telephone calls 5.Quickly return telephone calls 6.Don't keep their word 6.Keep their word 7.Don't see value in my service 7.See value in my service 8.Negative attitude 8.Positive, upbeat attitude 9.Don't thank me 9.Thank me and on social media 10.Don't rehire me 10.Rehire me multiple times Wh en you go f r om 'w h at you don't w an t ' t o 'w h at you do w an t ,' t h e w or ds ch an ge an d w h en t h e w or ds ch an ge, t h e vibr at ion ch an ges. Notice the contrast on the left side of the list -- this is all the things they do not like about the kind of clients they are attracting. Because they were giving attention to this experience LONGER than briefly, they continue to attract more of this kind of client. This worksheet will help take the contrast and convert it to clarity. For each item on the contrast side, this person asked, "so, what do I want", which birthed the answer, which became their clarity. Do you see and understand now, how knowing what you don't want is essential and important? Without the contrast you would not be able to birth what you do want. Now this person has clarity of what they DO want, and for the first time, they have a list describing their Ideal Client. Page 19 M ar ch , 2018