The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 18

Here is t he chal l enge. As you are paying attention to, or observing contrast, you are sending the vibration of what you don?t like ? and you are not even doing this on purpose ? just observing it causes you to send the matching vibration. In the above examples, having a brief observation of what you don't like is OK, and preferred, as it is causing you to send the negative vibe only for a brief moment. When you uncover the CLARITY (what you do like) your attention changes. When you change your attention to what you do like, you Just Brief l y Longer t han Brief l y change your vibe, and you can only have or hold one vibration at a time? the quicker your vibe changes, the quicker you start giving attention to what you do like. You can only have one VIBRATION at a time. So, how long is BRIEFLY? Only you can decide. There are a number of areas in our lives where we observe contrast LONGER than briefly. Take this assessment and see which area YOU may be giving attention to what you don't like... longer than 'just briefly.' In These Areas of My Lif e Being around people that have negative conversation The sound of heavy rock music with negative lyrics Strong spicy foods My friendship with negative people My boy/girlfriend, husband/wife My job/career/body My customer/client base My family members My volunteer position My hunch is that some of the areas in the above assessment you MAY be giving negative attention to LONGER than briefly, which would explain why you are attracting more negativity in that area. Law of Attraction does not know whether the vibration you are sending in good for you or not, whether it is something you desire or not, whether it is healthy for you or not... it is simply matching your vibration. So, what can you do in the areas where you send a vibration longer than briefly? In my book, Law of Attraction, I outline the 3-Step Process for Deliberate Attraction: Del i b erate A ttracti on 3-step Process f or A ppl yi ng Law of A ttracti on #1 I denti f y Your Desi re #2 Gi v e Your Desi re A ttenti on #3 A l l ow I t Page 18 M ar ch , 2018