The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 17

Ar e you one of t hose people who panic or get ner vous when you cat ch your self having a negat ive feeling or in a negat ive mood? Have you been taught to avoid negativity at all cost? Even the most positive people in the world experience negativity. It?s okay to have negative thoughts and feelings, let me explain why. In the culture of Law of Attraction many of us are taught to avoid negativity at all costs, however, negativity, also known as contrast, is important and it?s essential as it will help you get clear about what you would rather have instead. Contrast is anything that doesn?t feel good, or feels like negativity. You can experience contrast in relationships, at your job, with food you don?t like the taste of, smells you don?t like the smell of, music you don?t like the sound of, or anything you are observing that doesn?t make you feel good. It?s all around you. Most Law of Attraction enthusiasts, trainers and teachers believe the goals is to avoid contrast and never to experience it, when actually it?s quite the opposite. Contrast will help you decide what you do want. Here?s a table to help illustrate this concept: Areas in your l if e where you may observe cont rast BRIEFLY: Cont rast (What I Don?t Like) Clarity (What I Do Like) I don?t like being around people that have negative conversation I like being around people who have positive and uplifting attitudes I don?t like the sound of heavy rock music with negative lyrics I like calm, contemporary music with positive lyrics I don?t like strong spicy foods I like mild spiced foods I don?t like working long days at work I like working 7 hours a day or less I don?t like strong floral smells I like mild, natural smells In these examples, you can get CLEAR about what you DO want when you know what you DON?T want. The common denominator in the above examples in these cases, you only observe or experience this negativity briefly. BRIEFLY is t he keyword. - - - - When it comes to smells you don?t like the smell of, you only smell it briefly When it come to something you don?t like the taste of, you only eat it or taste briefly When it comes to music you don?t like the sound of, you only listen to it briefly It?s OK to have negative emotions, feelings or experiences, as long as you have them BRIEFLY. The Key To Observing Cont rast Is To Do It BRIEFLY. Page 17 M ar ch , 2018