The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine March 2018 Issue - Page 14

the direction of goal attainment. Some of these leads might not make sense, but as Steve Jobs said, "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition." Take a step to do something, call someone who comes to mind out of the blue, or follow up on a gut instinct to go to a particular location. I once followed a gut instinct to drive 15 minutes out of my way in Cleveland and ran into a potential customer who later gave me a new contract worth over $400,000. There are dozens more examples like this in my books. partnership with your ultimate advisor CSO is working. 7. Rel ease Everyt hing That ?s Hol ding You Back. Give up anything that could be subconsciously holding you back. If you are angry or feel any resentment toward another or yourself, give it forth. This may be one of the greatest characteristics of successful people. They release anything that is not consistent with the life they want to live. To start, commit to saying the following each night before bed: "I release anyone and anything from my past or present that is not of benefit to me, whether I remember them or not. And if there is anything that I have done in my past or present that needs to be released, it is now done and everyone is free." Do this for a minimum of 30 nights, and you?ll feel lighter and more at peace as a result. You?ll also be able to notice more possibilities to help you to attain your goals sooner. Many famous and successful business people have used intuition as a success tool. Bill Gates said,?Often, you have to rely on intuition.?And Oprah Winfrey shares,?I?ve listened to that still small voice of intuition my entire life, and the only times that I?ve made mistakes is when I didn?t listen.? All of us can learn to recognize intuitive advice and enable it to show up more often through a daily routine for success. 6. Cel ebrat e Your Successes Acknowledge your successes with someone who you value and trust. Celebrating and happiness activate the frontal cortex of your brain, which helps you to focus clearly and see more possibilities. Celebrating is a fun part of the process and helps you to gather proof and confidence that your Practice these seven steps on a regular basis, and enjoy realizing your goals in a more consistent and enjoyable way. Blessings and love to you on your path to all that is good. May McCarthy May McCarthy has cofounded and helped to grow seven successful companies over her thirty-five-year career, with the largest growing to over $100 million in annual revenues. She credits her success to the principles described in her best-selling book,The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance, and her new book,The Gratitude Formula. May firmly believes that financial success and freedom are available to anyone who is willing to apply them. Visit her on-line for more information and events near you at Page 14 M ar ch , 2018