The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 7

choice he could have made at the time, it was now limiting him tremendously. Nate understood my words, yet could not relate it to his own life. MT revealed that the pattern originated in this lifetime and paralleled some aspect of his relationship with his father. He knew that there had been very difficult times with his father when Nate was very young, yet he could not consciously see the connection between his current depression and the earlier relationship. I invited Nate to experience the depression in his body and he immediately felt the contraction in his stomach. A scene came to him that he had had memories of before. This time it came with many more details and much more feeling. He saw himself as a very young boy in his basement with his father. He was very excited about a toy and went with great exuberance to his father to share that excitement. He vividly recalled his father walking out of the room and his chasing after his father. He could see with great detail walking onto the gravel driveway and his father getting into the family truck and driving off leaving him standing there alone. Muscle Testing revealed that we did not have to dialogue with this identity about the history of its relationship with Nate, how it served/ limited Nate etc. It affirmed that we could continue with the process. I invited Nate to use his imagination to place the image of that scene across the room. Then I invited him to make a different choice about his depression. "You chose to bring it in; it was the best choice you could have made at the time. While it served to protect you, it was a fear-based protection that has limited you a lot and has generalized to similar situations. You can now make a different choice if you so desire. Just use your consciousness to externalize the cramping in your stomach. Since you chose to bring it in, you can choose to bring it outside of yourself." Nate could easily do this even though it seemed "weird.?? I then invited him to tell me what he could imagine outside himself. "Tightly wound oatmeal." I said to him, "You are a pure channel of Source energy. Channel this Source energy through you and into the oatmeal until it is totally infused with it, and then send back that loving protection to the much younger you like a gift from a much older, wiser, brother. That much younger you needs protection. He only knew about a fear-based protection. You can choose to change that protection to one based in love.? Nate did this and reported that the younger him seemed much happier. He himself said that he felt much lighter and more spacious. I invited Nate to go into the lighter more spacious feeling and find the much truer him that had been obscured and was hiding under what had been the tightly wound oatmeal. As he did this, he said, "I see a beautiful blue light that looks like the Aurora Borealis with an intense flowing white energy. I invited him to put his hand lovingly on his body where that energy had been hiding and let it come out and touch his hand and expand forward and back, up and down and left and right so that he was that energy. I told him that the energy got to retain its childlike wonder and grow up very fast. Nate said gleefully, "I am the light." He started smiling and bubbling he said, "I haven?t just felt like smiling in weeks," and he gave me a playful hug. He then said, "I know why I got depressed this year. My father didn?t come to my play. I said it was no big deal, but now I know it is. I did the same choice here, I deadened myself without knowing it." Yes," I said, and what about last year?" Nate, said, "It makes no sense. He came last year." MT revealed that it wasn?t about his father. Then he brightened, "I know. I never made this connection. I gave my girlfriend what I thought was a very special gift and instead of receiving it, she was so preoccupied with herself, she just complained and walked out of the room. I must have made the same choice again." With that he exclaimed, "God, I?m really hungry. I haven?t felt this hungry in weeks." A few minutes later, with a big smile on his face, he went off to get a big breakfast. I have seen Nate periodically since this session. He reports that he went back to being his optimistic, happy go-lucky self and he hasn?t felt anything like the depression since. My experience with Nate is not unusual. In fact, I feel deep gratitude and appreciation because I participate in such sessions daily. I know this from Page 7