The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 57

they have made all the difference. These incidences alter your course, only minutely perhaps, and then you continue on your way. But if you take a closer look, with some time and distance between you and these occurrences, you now see that these little glimmers of coincidence are actually all strung together, like strings of twinkle lights, guiding your path. Your perception shifts. You see how the dots in your life begin to connect, all linked together by those strings of twinkle lights. You understand that the things that happened in your past, both good and bad, were required to get you to your current destination. You begin to see how everything that happened was a blessing. Your fear begins to melt into faith and you have renewed appreciation that everything has turned out for your benefit. You can see the magic and the infinite in the small serendipities of life. Soon the twinkle lights are lighting each step you take. You fear nothing as you now have faith in everything. You are in constant motion, growth and love. Your world, your options, your ideas, and your dreams are in continuous expansion. Your path, although still just visible one step at a time, is guaranteed to lead you home. And it all started with one twinkle light, showing you a glimpse of the infinite. Hey, maybe this is an epiphany! Paula Kidd Casey is a best-selling author, international speaker, and hosts a radio show on The Law of Attraction Radio Network- https:/ / paula-casey. Visit Paula at Lawyerof At t ract She has a new program ?Your Outrageous Life,? based on her book to help participants use the Law of Attraction to accomplish anything they wish in their lives. She can be contacted at You start telling a different story about what how you lead a charmed and mystical life. You had previously perceived as failures are now turned into tales of bravery, how you overcome obstacles and stay the course, how you slay dragons and return home triumphant. You claim your rightful place in the cosmos and constantly become aware of, and appreciate, all the small twinkling messages from the universe. These moments now come faster and more often, bringing bigger grins and better choices. Page 57