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have because you?re better off than many. Where do these shifting moods come from? Polarity! We also have transgressors? people, circumstances, and events from our past (or present) that trigger us down our spiral. Negative coworkers, chronically depressed family members, being stuck in fear or poverty consciousness, being caught up in a vibration of poor health and many more. How do you know if you have these active in your vibration? Look at your life. Do you generally get what you want? Are you caught up in a cycle of unwanted circumstances that seem to keep reappearing in your life? Have you hit a wall with the law of attraction? Able to manifest in many areas while some of the big subjects seem to elude you? If so, then you have some vibrational clean-up work to do. The good news is this practice is proven? with practitioners all over the world. It?s not a religion, there are no rules or judgment and no worship. It is not dogmatic, and you can practice regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs; all that is asked is that you use the tools and trust your own creative powers. Simple and effective indeed, but it takes work and commitment to change long-held, limiting beliefs. It is a daily spiritual practice that has led to miraculous healing that baffles doctors, releasing of fear, self-loathing, chronic pain, and poverty consciousness. New businesses, job promotions, improved relationships (including an engagement), increased money flow, and even the ability to channel. All of these things have been accomplished by Tya practitioners in less than a year of Tya?s ?official? creation by the Stream. The Four Pil l ars of The Pract ice of Ty a Forgiveness. Learning to forgive any person, circumstance, or event from the past that drags your vibration down. Often things from early childhood lay dormant, ready to trigger you down your spiral into negative creation territory. Tya gives you the tools to release these things to the point of your full appreciation of them. Pol arit y. Learning about polarity and your personal vibrational spiral is life-changing. You no longer need to consult your horoscope or worry about Mercury in retrograde, you can learn to control your vibration regardless of the universal polarity that impacts all creation. Source. Allowing your natural Source connection to be fully realized brings clarity and a natural state of up-the-spiral joy. This is where you see the world from a higher perspective and no longer need the world to change to bring your vibration up. You are your own life creator! Int ent ion. Setting a positive intention for everything you do? if you care about the outcome. Do this in your life in general, as well as your day and every segment of your day. It takes practice to learn to do this, but when you?re doing the other pillars and spending more time up your spiral, then when you layer on setting positive intentions, you become magical! Tya is the next evolution in new-age thought and was delivered by the Stream due to our collective ascension to a higher level of consciousness where we are ready to take our creative abilities to the next level. Having a clear understating of why we choose to manifest our human lives, what our true purpose is, and how to see the world from the highest perspective is a joyous way to live life, and it?s available to all who wish to receive it. Namaste. To learn more about the practice of Tya, visit: https:/ / tya/ David Strickel channels a non-physical stream of consciousness that comprises the core of Source energy that he calls the Stream. He shares their teachings via his radio show The Stream of David on the Law of Attraction Radio Network, as well as his bestselling book The Stream ? Eternal Wisdom for a Better Life, online show The Stream of David Live and his Tya Academy. To learn more about David, the Stream and the practice of Tya, visit http:/ / . To listen to The Stream of David Radio show, please visit http:/ / david-strickel Page 53