The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 52

Mast er ing The Vibr at ion w it h Tya Spir it ual Pr act ice Now t hat t he wor ld is coming t o accept t hat we cr eat e our ow n r ealit y... By David St r ickel - The St r eam of David it?s time to fully understand what that is all about. I meet with people almost every day who exclaim they feel their desired manifestation is ?right around the corner!? The troubling thing is, some of these individuals have held that feeling for a very long time. Yes, there is a gestation period for the universe to fully align some things, but the gestation is often more about our staticky vibration than any universal law dictating a waiting period. Think about it, we can manifest a better mood, improved traffic, and friendlier strangers immediately. These things often come to us with relative ease because we place little pressure, and they only take pure energy to happen. There are no physical dollars flowing or disease remission, or businesses that need to be developed to allow full-blown manifestation of those desires. But, the aforementioned ?big things,? money, improved health, and businesses in this example, are often hindered by the pressure we place on them? the bigness? than the actual vibrational period for them to come to full, physical reality. This is where the Practice of Tya (revealed by the Stream) comes in as a helpful set of tools that allows you to fully trust your abundance, even when things are not all manifesting at the same speed. Yes, some things take longer than others. This is due to universal polarity. If you?ve listened to the Stream?s teachings, you know that we came to this life to experience a mix of positive and negative. Positive things to love and enjoy and negative? or unwanted? "obstacles? to overcome. We expand in the overcoming of our obstacles. So why not meet them in joy? We certainly overcome things much easier when we are confident that we can overcome them. If we trust the universe to deliver everything we need and want, then why would any obstacle send us racing down to negative emotion? It doesn?t have to! Practicing Tya is all about removing the things that drag our vibration down into the negative. When our vibration goes down into negative territory, we suddenly feel negative about almost everything. The dreams we were allowing ourselves to dream, perhaps just a day before, seem impossible if not ridiculous when we?re DTS (Down the Spiral). This negative time absolutely slows or even cancels out our dreams if we linger down there. We also create our obstacles from there. So, DTS serves to give us the mix of positive and negative that we came here for indeed, but we can control how often we go down, thus controlling our balance of positive and negative manifestations. Some have labeled the idea of just getting happy to receive everything you want ?Spiritual Bypassing.? Tya is not spiritual bypassing because we fully acknowledge negative aspects from our past and present as well as polarity, which will always impact us as long as we are physically manifested. Think about it, there are days that you naturally feel better than others. There are times that your dreams feel like they are becoming reality and there are days you wonder why you dream at all, that you should just be thankful for what you Page 52