The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 49

Using the Law Of Attraction successfully is a matter of choice. This means you are either choosing to create and sustain supportive habits that lead to your success or you are choosing not to. If you aren't mastering new habits and applying what you know you are living from your old habits. If you want something different and better, step up and make it happen. Do new, different, positive things. Apply basic practices daily. These basics are affirmations; reading inspiring material; meditating; visualizing; journaling and more. Whatever practices you choose, do them regularly and continuously. Make mastering these habits an obsession. Focus your energy on being the best you, you can be. That?s what an Olympic champion does. The champion doesn't dabble, whine or make excuses. The champion trains mentally, physically, and emotionally every day. Why should you expect to do any less? Notice what you just thought, or said to yourself, when you read those last sentences. What you just said to yourself is your answer to that question. What you think reveals who you are. Whatever you think it will be, it will be. If you think it will be hard you?ll be right. If you think it easy, you?ll be right. Your beliefs and expectations shape your results. If you want to be a champion decide to become a champion. Think as a champion does and you?ll feel and behave as a champion. Master these basic principles and practices. Then, you?ll readily create and attract what you want. It gets easier, and faster as you do. Just as a champion trains you train yourself. If you work it, you will get it to work. If you don?t, there?s not much that?ll help you. It?s a matter of choice. Commit to mastering the basics, then, you?ll have positive, powerful supportive new habits that help you make things happen and attract what you want. Decide your word is the law. Whatever you declare or command is what will be. Keep your word and your promises to others and yourself. Never say anything that?s self-defeating or negative. Whatever you declare it to be, it will be. It?s what you say it is. Your thoughts shape your reality. Reactions are knee jerk and come from your previous, haphazard, less than glorious, negative conditioning while growing up. Your reactions determine your limitations. To be able to respond differently is to discover you have choice to think, feel and behave differently. You learn to respond. You were conditioned to react. Your responses free you. The ability to respond arises from recognizing you have choice. It requires that you notice your tendency to instantly react from conditioning. While different things get you angry you really only get angry pretty much the same way each time. This is true of all our emotions. We have a physical sequence of neuro-electro-chemical actions and transitions that lead us into the emotional and physical states we feel and become aware of. If you notice the beginning of the sequence and re-direct it, then, you control it, instead of it controlling you. As soon as you begin to get angry, notice it. Catch it and change it. Right as you start to get angry STOP and take some deep breathes. Count up to 1000. STOP and walk it off. Jump up and down. Do something silly. Create space between what you?d have automatically done and what you now choose to do differently. Create a pause. When you do you make room for yourself to change. The same is true with any habitual thought or behavior. Become conscious of it and deliberately attempt to get in front of it to change it. Notice the sensations of irritation or frustration or sadness growing. Where do you feel it in your body? What is the first sensation you become aware of? What do you say to yourself? How do you say it? What do you see as you begin to get angry? As you notice these sensations, pictures, sounds, words, and feelings AND re-direct them you gain control over them. You alter them. You stop them from being a problem. You create a break, interrupt the pattern, and direct the Page 49