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are domesticated, they have natural instincts to survive in the wild. Dogs in the wild did what was necessary to protect themselves and throughout their lives they hunted, roamed, stayed in a pack, and defended themselves against predators. A dog whose body is failing him and who doesn?t have the ability to fight back, sometimes hides. His instinct is to isolate himself for protection.? The article went on to say, ?If your dog hides at the end of his life, it?s not because he didn?t love you or consider you his best friend. Even if you would have given him every comfort at the end, he was just following an instinct as a dog to hide for protection.? Please let your mother know Cassy is still around her, just now in spirit form. If your mom thinks she momentarily sees Cassy out of the corner of her eye, thinks she hears or feels her, she is. It?ll be Cassy letting her know she?s close by. Hope you and your mom find this information helpful and most of all comforting. Quiet ing Mind Chat t er Dawn Marie f rom Bronx, NY, asked: Hel l o Jul ie, For t he past f ew days I have been wondering what quest ion t o ask you. My mind chat t er has been const ant and my quest ions keep t ripping over t hemsel ves, which is pret t y much t he norm wit h me. I decided perhaps I shoul d st art wit h just t hat ... my mind chat t er. Can you pl ease scan me and perhaps see what is going on wit h me in regards t o t he const ant mind chat t er? I f eel l ike it 's hol ding me host age. A great deal of t he t ime I bel ieve I might be ment al l y il l . I?ve been diagnosed wit h severe PTSD and somet imes I t hink I'm just way t oo sensit ive. Present l y, I f eel beyond overwhel med. My mom recent l y died and my dad is in poor heal t h. I do what I can t o hel p and have t roubl e saying no t o anyone, especial l y f amil y. Trying t o set boundaries seems t o accel erat e my "mind chat t er.? In my mind, when I decl ine an of f er t o do somet hing f or someone, I hear what a bad daught er/ f riend/ et c. I am, how sel f ish I am, and how un-spirit ual I am. I don?t know if I?ve even ever heard t he real me in my own head. I?m grat ef ul f or any advice you can send my way. Thank you and bl ess you! Dawn Marie reading Dodging Energy Vampires, by Christiane Northrup, MD. It will have some helpful hints on how to devise and stick with boundaries. In order to get some information for you, I energetically connected to you in the Bronx and got an image of you in my mind?s eye. You looked like you were full of frenetic energy. Picture snow on a television screen when it isn?t working properly. My suggestion is to ground yourself. Grounding is one of the best ways to release the extra energy in our bodies caused by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by computers, wifi, cell phones, smart meters, etc. Among other benefits, grounding can help reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability. Just walk barefoot or place your hands in grass, sand, or on cement for a few moments. During the cold winter months when this exercise may not be feasible, stand barefoot on a basement concrete floor or investigate grounding devices such as mats, sheets, bracelets, etc. Next, be diligent about the food you ingest. An easy way to remember a healthy eating plan is, if God made it, eat it. If man made it in a factory, avoid it. When we eat a whole food diet with lots of veggies, protein, fruit, and healthy fats (like olive and coconut oils, avocados, grass-fed butter), it gives us the brain chemicals we need to calm our minds. Lastly, consider meditating, even if it?s just for a few minutes a day. I use and recommend the Teachings of Joshua meditations. They?re all 15-minutes long and can be downloaded to your phone for easy access. Meditation is a great way to train your mind to have periods of calmness. Eventually, you?ll be able to reduce your mind chatter whenever you wish. Hope this information helps. Sounds to me like you?re an extraordinarily caring woman and I?m delighted to meet you ? even if it is through the computer. Ju lie Ryan , Psych ic an d M edical In t u it ive, can be h ear d on Law of At t r act ion Radio Net w or k w it h h er popu lar sh ow , Th e Ask Ju lie Ryan Sh ow. Ju lie w elcom es caller s ever y Th u r sday at 8PM ET, 7PM CT, 5 PM PT by callin g: (712) 770-4160 - Access Code: 533677# . Please su bm it qu est ion s t h at m ay be an sw er ed on -air t o: w w w.ask ju lier yan .com . To h ear all pr eviou s episodes, please visit h er sh ow page at h t t p:/ / loar adion et w or k .com / ju lie-r yan . This show is for entertainment purposes only. 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