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spirits remember everything from past lives, filters are put in place by the age of about 6, that prevent most people (unless they?re hypnotized or do a past life scan with me) from remembering the details. That?s so we can experience what we intended in this lifetime without conscious interference from past ones. When I do the Walk To Heaven exercise with dying people, their human mind experiences what will happen when they die. They see their deceased loved ones waiting for them eager to welcome them to Heaven, and their fear of death dissipates. At that point, many people are then ready and eager to transition. Hope this explanation answers Jonno?s insightful question. Learn how to identify the Twelve Phases of Transition and communicate with your loved ones and pets (both alive and deceased) with Angelic Attendant Training. Missing Min Pin Lisa f rom Springf iel d, MO, asked: Hi Jul ie, Angel ic At t endant s I got some sad news t oday f rom my mom. She said when she and her husband got home af t er a day of event s, her ol d, bl ind, miniat ure pinscher Cassy was missing. Col l een f rom Durbin, Sout h Af rica, asked: Hi Jul ie, My parent s l ive in t he count ry but have neighbors around t hem and l et Cassy st ay out side t hat day. Since she's bl ind she usual l y doesn't st ray. Thank you so much f or your cont inued ef f ort s f or my dying mot her-in-l aw Mel and f or our f amil y. I?ve just about f inished your book Angelic Attendants and My mom and her husband l ooked al l over and cal l ed f or have sent t he recommendat ion f ar and wide. It ?s Cassy but didn?t f ind her. Whil e searching, my mom incredibl e. Trul y! not iced t heir neighbors wat ching t hem l ook f or Cassy. My 9 year-ol d son Jonno was asking if his grandmot her?s She t hought t hey were act ing suspiciousl y. (By t he way, t here is a horribl e hist ory wit h t his neighbor t hat spirit -sel f knows t he big pict ure of her t ransit ioning, invol ved a t erribl e injury t o Cassy and an animal abuse whil e her conscious eart h mind is t rapped in her body l aw suit .) and is scared? He al so want ed t o know, why does t he spirit need comf ort on t he deat h process and t he conf irmat ion of t he dest inat ion t o Heaven and how does it cal m and comf ort t he eart h mind when you t ake t he Wal k To Heaven wit h dying peopl e? Thanks. Lat er, in t he middl e of t he night , my mom said somet hing spoke t o her and said t he neighbor kil l ed Cassy. Hi Colleen, My mom is so ext remel y sad about her dog. Jul ie woul d you pl ease connect wit h Cassy and t el l us what happened? What a great question, especially from a kid. Thank you! Our spirits do know the details about us being eternal. It?s Lisa the human mind that feels and processes the fear Hi Lisa, associated with dying. I?m sorry to hear about Cassy and can only imagine the grief your mother and her husband are feeling. Anyone who has ever lost a cherished pet knows how heartbreaking it can be. Many of us have been taught about Heaven and likewise, about a potential fire pit of eternal damnation and how we can end up either place. No wonder we?re scared! It has been my experience with countless families and their dying loved ones for more than 25 years that we all go to Heaven. We?re surrounded by angels and deceased loved ones as we?re dying and then, when we?re ready to transition, angels escort us, all of us, to Heaven. In order to get some information for you, I connected with you and through you with Cassy. She is no longer alive. She told me she wandered off to die and did not suffer. As with most things, when we can see something for ourselves, we?re more apt to believe it. And, as we?ve become more well-educated, our society has become very proof-oriented. We?re less likely to believe something unless we can witness it ourselves or see that it has been scientifically proven. The same goes with the dying process. Although our I?ve often heard how animals are prone to hide or wander off as they?re dying and decided to investigate the reason why they do this. There is a lot of information on the topic and the following does a good job of summarizing the pertinent information. said, ?Even though dogs Page 46