The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 45

body. When achieved, each accomplishment raises her vibration into every positive thought, action, choice and communication. As soon as you invite your body and her wisdom into your daily life, together you silence the inner critic, the monkey brain who is impossible to please. The body knowledge system refrains from beating the judgmental put-downs into submission; and instead of arguing, or responding defensively, or running for cover, you and your BFF build a wall effectively blocking any negative input in favor of positive reinforcement from within. That?s the Law of Attraction in Action! End with Confidence, Body Confidence I offer you to experience the body confidence questionnaire http:/ / body-confidence-check-in/ Body Confidence is the outward expression of your higher vibration from your application of the law of attraction to your body knowledge system practice. The momentum you discover spreads through every aspect of your life. It?s no longer a matter of self-control shaming you into submission, instead you?ve replaced the negativity of avoidance and deprivation with the positivity of empowerment. Empowerment means accepting responsibility for your choices, communications and actions. With your BFF by your side, your body knowledge system practice as the only resource you need, you are free to share your special self with the rest of the world. Debra?s Del ight ? Several weeks later came the acid test. Debra?s reaction to seeing herself (naked, no less) in the full-length mirror. Debra was already familiar with the power behind the Law of Attraction, so together we focused on what she wanted to set for her first goal: to smile in appreciation of her reflection in the mirror. So, we began with her body, her BFF. She needed to reframe her resentment to her physical self into the appreciation her body deserves. Using her custom body knowledge system practice, her paradigm shifted beyond appreciation into adoration for the body that had attracted her husband of 25 years, produced three healthy children, gave her a five handicap on the golf course, and the energy to create, manage, and succeed in her new real estate business. I love happy endings, don?t you? Contact her at Listen to Coach Stephanie and Shelagh Jones on their delightful show: Body-Confidence LOA Style at http:/ / body-confidence To Listen, go to http:/ / body-confidence Page 45