The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 44

So How DO You Love Your self While Look ing Int o t he Mir r or ? By Coach St ephanie Wood, PCC Debra?s Dilemma My client Debra called with a simple ask, ?All the media advice givers tell us to ?love yourself,? but they don?t tell us how!? I asked her to walk the phone over to a mirror, preferably a full-length mirror, and tell me what she saw. ?YUCK!? she exclaimed. ?Please don?t ask me to do that ever again!? I didn?t have to ask her my usual follow up question: ?How does looking at yourself make you feel?? Her loud denial of appreciation for her own image, her body?s reflection told me all I needed to know. It?s impossible to love yourself when you can?t stand to look at yourself in the mirror. To give themselves the gift of love they need to provide it to others in their lives. Perhaps the concept is too large to seem possible, or after years of feelings of unworthiness we don?t feel deserving of the warmth provided by loving oneself. Regardless of the ?why?, my clients begin with the basic challenge of acceptance of themselves exactly the way they are: shape, size, age, and personality. The body knowledge system addresses ?Life?s Toughest Relationship? in the most direct way. Begin with the body? My body knowledge system begins with our original relationship: the one we have with our bodies. Step one is always acceptance, leading to respect, and finally affection. The affection we feel for our BFF, our Best Friend Forever because that?s exactly who she is! Using the Law of Attraction?s principles is necessary to establish goals as unique as each client is around her Page 44