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energetically receptive to whatever it is you wish to receive. The more consistently you offer this vibration, the more strength and momentum it gathers until, like a pebble dropped into a still pond, its ripples continue to reverberate from shore to shore. These five principles convey the essence of all that the past fifty years has helped us to understand about accessing our full human potential, and the evolution in consciousness that has taken place in this relatively short period of time is nothing short of astounding. And since it is logical to assume that those of us who desire greater self-knowledge will continue along a similar trajectory of expansion, the question naturally arises: Where is this evolution of thought leading us next? I believe it is into the realm of complete Energy Mastery. The world we all live in, while seemingly manifested and material, is made entirely of energy, and there is no beginning, ending, or limit to the energy that is available to us. There is no limit to the amount of happiness we can experience. There is no limit to how much love, laughter, excitement, or satisfaction we can feel. This universe is unendingly abundant, which means that it has the ability to yield to us whatever experiences we desire. All we need to do to claim the abundance that is our birthright is to align ourselves with the energy of our own desires. These 3 powerful steps will support you in becoming an energy master of the physical realm in which you are living: 1) Wat ch your words. Every word we speak summons a particular quality of energy, and the quality of energy we send out is what determines the outcomes that we attract. My free 30-Day Training System will show you how changing your language can radically change your life. 2) Prepare your energet ic f iel d in advance. This free meditation will guide you to create an internal environment of success by deliberately adjusting the frequency of your thoughts, moods and expectations to resonate in harmony with your intended outcomes. 3) Fol l ow your int uit ive impul ses and hunches. Energy mastery transports us beyond the limitations of what can be achieved using logic, hard work and physical effort alone, into the seemingly magical realm where all that we desire unfolds effortlessly. To access this realm, give yourself permission to trust your instincts and explore your passions. If more advanced training in energy mastery is what you?re seeking, click here for a full listing of my courses and training programs. Christ y Whit man is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach and the New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Having It All. She has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman?s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. Christy is the CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Learning Academy & Quantum Success Coaching Academy, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program. Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. Christy?s life-changing message reaches over 200,000 people a month and her work has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Brian Tracy, Neale Donald Walsch, Abraham-Hicks, and Louise Hay. She currently lives in Arizona with her husband, Frederic, and their two boys, Alexander and Maxim. Page 35