The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 34

know without question that we are the ones creating it. Principl e # 2: Percept ion Equal s Real it y The knowledge that the quality of our most prevalent thoughts, moods and attitudes determines the quality of what we manifest in our lives leads us to desire greater control over our internal state of being. We realize that it is our perception of any person, place or situation that creates our unique experience of it, and we begin to become more deliberate about how we direct the powerful laser of our focus. When we look for what?s missing, what?s unjust, or focus on all the ways we?ve been wronged, we not only continue to find evidence of wrongdoing, but we hold ourselves in a victim mindset that deprives us of our power to think and feel on purpose. At this phase of our evolution, we become willing to take greater responsibility for our own interpretations of our life?s events, and choose interpretations that strengthen and inspire us, rather than those which weaken or diminish us. Principl e # 3: Al l of our power comes f rom wit hin. At this phase in the realization of our full human potential, we slowly begin to overturn the dominant worldview which states that other people and external events have the power to make us feel any certain way, and begin to realize that how we feel in any given moment is generated from within. This realization gives us the tremendous, life-giving gift of letting others off the hook for our experience. When external conditions arise that anger or disappoint us, we no longer squander our precious energy trying to change that person or condition. Instead, we withdraw our energy from whatever has produced a disruption within us, and turn the full power of our attention within. Rather than seeking amends from those who ?push our buttons,? we seek out the source of the hot buttons within our own psyche, and discover that even the most painful emotional wounds can be healed through the power of our own love and attention. Principl e # 4: Everyt hing t hat exist s in t he physical , manif est universe ? incl uding oursel ves ? begins as an invisibl e, unperceivabl e vibrat ion. All of the skills we?ve learned up to this point ? that of cultivating a positive mental attitude; of meditating to quiet our minds and gain more undisrupted access to the broader consciousness from which we all have come, and of using affirmation and visualization to direct the focus of our moods and emotions ? have prepared us to perceive the powerful unseen universal forces that precede, underlie, and orchestrate the unfolding of every material creation. In the same way a seed planted deep in the ground goes through many stages of maturation before it becomes a plant that can be perceived through our five senses, every manifestation begins as a non-physical vibration that summons to it everything that is necessary for its full physical becoming. In the beginning of this awareness, we may only be able to make the correlation between the vibration we are offering and what that vibration attracts to us after the manifestation has already taken place. But with consistent practice, we can learn to perceive the vibration of what is in the process of becoming before it has fully manifested? and this is the point at which we truly gain creative control over our own experience. Principl e # 5: Everyt hing t hat comes t o us comes in response t o t he vibrat ion we of f er. Those of you who are reading this magazine have likely already arrived at this powerful understanding. You know that the secret to creating anything you desire is not through hard work or struggle, but by bringing yourself into vibrational resonance with the essence of that desire. You understand that in order to create any reality you desire ? whether it?s greater physical vitality, more laughter and joy, or abundant financial prosperity ? your primary work is to nurture within yourself an environment that is conducive to its growth, and that all things that resonate with the environment you?ve created will be drawn into your experience by the powerful Law of Attraction. At this level of self-awareness, your experience of ?goal setting? has been transformed, and instead of applying physical and mental energy alone toward the achievement of any objective, you focus your attention toward making yourself Page 34