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I Have t h e Al zh ei m er ?s Gen e By Featur ed Colum nist Ellen Wood Recent r esear ch show s that your m ind is the pr im ar y deter m ining factor , not your genes, in how long you?ll live and how healthy you?ll be. ?Studies show that one of the m ost accur ate pr edictor s of longevity is w hat a per son thinks about their ow n health,? says Lar r y Dossey, M D, author and one of the top exper ts in the w or ld in m ind-body m edicine. W hen you change your lifestyle and beliefs, you send totally differ ent m essages to your cells and, in effect, r epr ogr am them . Changing your beliefs begins w ith obser ving your thoughts. Watching. Noticing. Becom ing aw ar e of w hat you?r e thinking. This isn?t as easy as it sounds and it does take pr actice. An ideal tim e to pr actice each day is w hen you?r e br ushing your teeth since you don?t need your conscious m ind ? it?s all m uscle m em or y. And w hile you?r e autom atically br ushing your teeth, your m ind is going lickety-split thinking about all kinds of other things so it?s a good tim e to w atch your thoughts. I have the APO-e4 Alzheim er ?s gene, and star ted going dow n the path of cognitive decline five year s after Alzheim er ?s claim ed my m other. That w as about tw enty year s ago; then in 2004 I had a w ake-up call and becam e aw ar e of w hat I w as doing to myself. I began to r ealize that my thoughts and beliefs w er e You ar e w hat you think! M y suggestion? For m a cr eating a life for m e that I did not w ant. And it habit of becom ing aw ar e of w hat?s going on in w as that r ealization that led m e to your m ind. r ejuvenating my life and gr ow ing younger. Wor ld-r enow ned cell biologist, Dr. Br uce Lipton, has done extensive r esear ch into how the m ind influences our biology. His findings r eveal that w hile you can?t change your genes, you can use your m ind to change w hich genes ar e going to be expr essed and affect the cells in your body. This is w her e a healthy lifestyle and r aising your consciousness com e in. Ellen Wood of Taos, NM is an inspirational speaker and award-winning author of the series of books, ?The Secret Method for Growing Younger.? Contact her at Page 30