The Science Behind the Law of Attraction Magazine Mar April Full mag - Page 28

Br uce Lipt on L ove is in t he Air (Act ually in t he Field) By the time I was 40-years old, a dismal track record of failed relationships led me believe that love was a literary fabrication, a fantasy perpetuated by Hollywood. Regardless, missing that fictional experience did not remove hope for me, for I felt a ?need? to continue my quest for a relationship. In the mid 80?s, I found myself on a Caribbean island, with a wonderful high salaried teaching position, living in a fabulous villa with pool on a private beach facing sunsets over the sea. Wow! I was in possession of the most fabulous pick-up line, ?Hey, __(fill the blank)__, why don?t you come and hang-out in my Caribbean villa.? While I tried it a few times and it never worked, I did not give up. One day, at the island?s yacht club, I met a lovely single woman that was sailing through the Caribbean with friends. After sharing lunch and a few drinks, I hopefully dropped my pick-up line. After a few moments of silence, she looked me in the eye and responded, ?I can?t be with you ? you are too needy.? While it momentarily knocked the wind out of me, I truthfully responded, ?Thank you, I needed that!? Page 28